Health & Care

This section of the website is specifically for the healthy and care of your whippet, we cover topics such as grooming to help you know how to correctly care and maintain your whippet.

Whippet Skin Problems: What To Do

whippet skin problems

Whippets, like most dogs in the sighthound family, have thin and delicate skin. Whippets in particular seem to be more prone than other breeds to developing skin problems such as allergies and infections. Whippet skin problems can come from a variety of sources including parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections. Whippet skin allergies often result …

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Stressed Whippet: What To Do

stressed whippet

Like humans, our beloved whippets can become stressed too. There can be many causes, from poor diet to lack of exercise and everything in between. As the owner of a stressed whippet, it is important to know what can cause stress in dogs. Sadly our whippets cannot tell us when they are stressed. They depend …

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