Whippet Energy Levels: What To Expect

If you’re considering a whippet as your next pup, but are concerned and hearing mixed things on their energy levels, then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we are going to go over everything you need to know about whippet energy levels and what to expect from a whippet.

Let’s get to it…

How Much Energy Do Whippets Have?

If you don’t yet own a whippet but are curious about how much energy they have in general, then you’ll be happy to know that they are not very high-energy dogs.

As a breed, whippets are known for being gentle and laid-back dogs.

They are considered couch potatoes more than anything else!  

If you are looking for a dog that thrives off of exercise, then this might not be the breed for you.

However, don’t mistake this for them not enjoying being outside and going for walks with their owner.

They love to be in the outdoors and as I’m sure you are aware are incredibly athletic, in fact, they are the fastest accelerating dog on the planet!

Although they are generally calm and relaxed indoors, and much prefer lounging by the fire stealing some of your snacks whilst watching Netflix, these dogs can summon energy like no other.

If you’re out for a walk and you get your whippet excited by playing or running with him, then you’ll see them burst into an energetic frenzy and it’s simply amazing to watch.

This is great for tiring your whippet out and it is great exercise for them too.

However, for the most part, whippets are happy relaxing indoors with the family and will enjoy curling up on your lap whilst you relax watching TV.

When it’s time to go to bed, whippets prefer to sleep curled up next to or on top of their owners for maximum warmth and cuddles.

In summary, whippets are not incredibly high-energy dogs. They don’t require ridiculous amounts of exercise and don’t take much work to tire out.

They are small, athletic dogs that get energy in bursts, so when they want to blow off some steam they will do so quickly and then be back to their usual calm selves.

The one thing we cannot forget though is that whippets are dogs and as such, there will always be some energy and excitement involved in their daily walks.

Whippet Sleep or Energy Cycle

Now let’s go over how to identify what kind of sleep/energy cycle your whippet has.

This is important as it will essentially determine how much energy your whippet is going to have throughout the day.

There are three different kinds of cycles based on breeding lines.

The first type is the high-energy whippet that needs lots of exercise throughout the day in short bursts.

These dogs will need you to schedule their exercise or they may become destructive, agitated, and just overall difficult to deal with.

The second type is the low-energy whippet (one of many I’m sure) that can get away with lying around all day and still be happy and wonderful.

These dogs will not demand exercise but may try to sneak in a walk or two if you let them.

This is Bonnie, my own personal whippet. She is more than happy with a couple of walks a day in short bursts but does not enjoy being out for super long walks.

Now, let’s talk about the whippets that fall somewhere in the middle of these two types.

These dogs are probably the most common type of whippet and will vary wildly depending on what you want out of your dog.

For the most part, these dogs will need at least 45 minutes-1 hour of exercise a day, maybe more depending on the type of activity that you do with them.

To identify which of the above your own whippet is, it’s best to watch them closely over a few days and see how they behave.

Observe what times of the day they sleep, and what times of the day they have the most energy, and write it down!

Keeping track of your whippet’s energy levels over a week-long period will really help in identifying which type of whippet you have.

Once you have written down all of the times of day your whippet is the most sleep and is the most energetic you can determine the best time of day to take your dog out for exercise and to tire them out.

Are Whippets Sleepy Dogs?

As mentioned above, some whippets are much more energetic than others, whilst many are known to be sleepy dogs.

Whippets are known to sleep anywhere from 10 hours up to 20 hours in a single day; it varies largely based on the individual.

Once they’ve had their exercise for the day, they will be out for the count and will sleep for hours.

The amount your whippet sleeps is largely going to depend on the amount of exercise they receive as well as their feeding times.

Do They Need A Ton Of Exercise?

Contrary to what many people believe, whippets do not need a ton of exercise!

45 – 60 minutes of physical exercise per day is more than enough for your whippet, this will keep them happy, healthy and will not result in any over-exhaustion.

A whippet is quite content with just 1 or 2 walks per day, though if you are planning on taking them out for more than that it’s essential to keep an eye on their energy levels and ensure that they don’t get completely burned out!

Whippets are also known to sleep a lot, so if you are planning on taking your whippet for long exercise sessions it’s advised to give them plenty of time to rest afterward.

Remember that these are small dogs that burn a lot of calories when out for walks and running, meaning that they can get exhausted pretty quickly.

You may also want to consider that whippets are hunting dogs, and in the wild, they tend to run after animals for long periods of time without breaks; this means that their metabolism is set up to allow them to burn energy at an extremely fast rate!

A walk around the block may not be enough for some whippets and owners may want to consider taking them out for longer runs in the woods or other suitable areas.

This is largely going to depend on the individual whippet, as some are much more energetic than others.

Are Whippets More Energetic Than Other Breeds?

When comparing a whippet’s energy level to other breeds, it’s fair to say that a whippet is going to have a higher energy level than most other dog breeds.

This means that they may need more exercise, and taking your whippet out for walks regularly will be necessary if you want it to remain well-behaved and satisfied.

Whippets are also commonly very energetic when playing with toys, so having lots of toys to keep your whippet occupied.

Whippets are in the middle on the energy level scale when comparing them to other breeds, so you shouldn’t expect them to be lazier than other dogs.

You will need to play with your whippet and exercise it regularly, but this is the same for any dog breed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are certain times of day when a whippet may be more energetic than others.

If your whippet is a ‘morning dog’ then take this into account and be prepared to walk it as soon as you wake up.

Use the information above to determine what time of day your whippet has the most energy.

Other Considerations

It’s worth keeping in mind that a whippet’s energy levels will depend upon its health, fitness, and overall well-being.

If you have a whippet that is not in the best of shape, it may be less energetic than one that is fit and healthy.

The amount of exercise your whippet gets will also contribute to how much energy it has at any given time.

Whippets that are left to lie around the house all day become bored and frustrated, which will make them appear lethargic.

Also keep in mind that whippets are sighthounds, which means their prey drive is extremely high.

This translates to them being on the alert for potential prey at all times, which means you should be careful about where you take them for walks.


In conclusion, a whippet’s energy level is going to largely depend on the individual dog, diet, as well as their exercise routine.

Generally speaking, whippets are not super high-energy dogs and are more than happy to spend a good amount of time snoozing or relaxing.

However, if their exercise routine is put off for an extended period of time, they will become lethargic and potentially destructive.

To avoid this from happening, be sure to get your whippet out for a run at least once a day! Also, make sure that there’s plenty of toys around to keep them occupied if you’re not able to play.

Alarmingly, your whippet’s energy level may still develop into a problem even if their exercise routine is kept up over a long period of time!

This can be especially true for whippets that are bred from greyhound lines, that have been conditioned to run really fast.

Both of these types of whippets are prone to bouts of hyperactivity that can come seemingly out of nowhere.

These dogs may be agitated and want to desperately run around, often for extended periods of time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope you’ve learned a thing or two about whippet energy levels.

Feel free to share this post with someone who may find it of value.

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