Why Do Whippets Tuck Their Tail?

Is your whippet constantly hiding its tail? Do they tuck their tail when greeting you? If so, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we go through why do whippets tuck their tail and how to fix it if you’re unhappy with this.

Whippet tucking their tail is a very common behaviour you’ll come across as a whippet owner and it can be cute for the first few times – but, when they show signs of stress or even aggression, this could become an issue.

This article will help to identify why your whippet is tucking its tail and highlight ways to fix this problem.

Do note, tucking their tail isn’t always a bad thing – it’s simply the way they greet you (or other people around them) that can be worrying.

What Does Tail Tucking Mean?

When your whippet tucks its tail it’s likely because they are nervous or scared.

This is incredibly common and most whippets will tuck their tail with the first sign of stress – it’s your job to try and fix this problem.

It is important not to use any form of punishment or aggression when they tuck their tail as this can make the problem worse.

Your whippet is likely very scared and if you do anything that increases this fear they may become even more nervous.

Don’t worry too much about this, as your whippet grows and gains trust and confidence in you it’s likely the tail tucking will turn to tail wagging!

Will My Whippet Stop Tucking Its Tail?

This is one of the unfortunate traits that you will never be able to ‘cure’ your whippet of.

Whippets tuck their tail for many reasons, but there’s no way to stop them from doing it all the time!

Don’t worry if your whippet tucks its tail around visitors or when in unknown or new situations, this is completely normal.

Tucking its tail is a natural reaction for a whippet that is feeling frightened or nervous.

It’s exactly the same as humans, whippets will feel stressed, sad, and anxious in certain situations and this could cause them to tuck their tails.

Whippets may also tuck their tails if they’re feeling excited or happy.

For example, if your whippet is playing with its favourite toy and it’s just about to start a game of tug-of-war, the whippet may tuck its tail between its legs as it gets ready to pounce!

Whippets will also tuck their tails when they’ve been sleeping and they’ve suddenly woken up.

This is because they’re feeling disorientated and they want to orientate themselves by getting their bearings.

Whippets will also tuck their tails if they’re injured, sick, or in pain.

There are many different reasons why your whippet will tuck its tail, but know that it’s very common for a whippet that is nervous, anxious, or in pain.

Don’t be alarmed if your whippet is tucking its tail in any of the above situations.

It’s generally only cause for concern if your whippet is tucking its tail around you, or it’s becoming a regular occurrence.

This likely means your whippet is nervous or scared around you, which could be a result of you shouting at your pet.

This is why it’s important never to raise your hand or shout at your whippet, as they will never forget it and will be fearful of you.

Building Trust And Confidence In Your Whippet

As you start to gain trust and your whippet becomes more confident, the tail tucking will become less and less frequent.

This is natural as your dog will trust you more and not be nervous or scared around you.

It’s also important to socialise your whippet from a young age to get them used to new surroundings and people.

This will help them become confident in new situations and build trust in their owners.

Often whippets that have not been socialised will tuck their tail regularly, and it’s going to take a lot of work to get their trust and confidence back.

The tucking of the tail can tell us a lot about how our whippets are feeling.

Dogs will often use the position of their tail to tell us how they are feeling, especially in situations that might make them nervous.

The position of the tail can also be used as a warning sign to show us if our pets are stressed or nervous about something.

Other Considerations

It’s important to keep in mind that if tail tucking is not a regular thing for your whippet, they may be in pain. Always investigate when you see your dog tucking their tail in unusual ways.

A healthy lifestyle is also really important for keeping whippets happy and healthy.

Whippets that are overfed or not exercised regularly may compensate by tucking their tail more often than they should.

When in doubt, always check with your veterinarian to rule out any underlying conditions that could be causing your whippet to tuck their tail.

Tail tucking is very common in whippet puppies as they are just getting used to the world and everything is a new and nerve-racking experience.


In conclusion, tail tucking is completely normal behaviour for whippets, and you shouldn’t be too concerned about this.

However, if you notice it’s started in your adult whippet, then this is a warning sign that something is wrong.

As long as you keep your whippet at a healthy weight, and they’re happy and healthy, then their tail tucking should not be anything to worry about!

Hopefully, this post has helped you identify the reason for your whippet tucking its tail.

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