Why Does My Whippet Stare At Me?

Sometimes you encounter a dog or your own dog and they just sit and stare at you. Do you ever wonder what they’re thinking? Do they want something? Are they trying to tell you something? If only they could speak and tell us!

As I’m sitting working on this article, it’s quite fitting that I feel as if eyes are boring holes in me and that someone’s watching me! Bingo! Bonnie is lying beside me, not snoozing, but staring at me thoughtfully.

I wonder what is going on in that amazing brain of hers? Have you ever wondered, “why does my whippet stare at me?” Well. look no further.

In the following read, you’re going to find out why your whippet stares at you, what’s going on in their little brain and what it all means.

Why Do Dogs Stare?

There are so many reasons why our dogs stare at us humans. These stares are not a “one size fits all” look and are a way for your pup to communicate with you, but what exactly does it mean?

With a dog, every stare may have a totally different meaning depending upon the circumstances and we have to try and decipher the significance.

They may just be staring at you because they love you. They may be waiting in anticipation of your next move to see if it includes them. Your whippet may want a snack and be begging with soulful eyes.

They may need to go out and the look along with a whimper will give you that clue. They may also sense that you are down in the dumps and need some extra loving!

They may also be trying to decide why you are gazing at them! Sometimes we can figure out what the staring is all about and sometimes it’s a mystery. Their body language may be a clue and it may have nothing to do with it.

You Can Benefit From Gazing Into Your Whippets Eyes

Believe it or not, studies have shown that there are health benefits by gazing into your whippet’s eyes. If you don’t believe me, try it and you will find it to be true.

Staring into your pup’s eyes increases the “feel good” hormone, oxytocin or “the love hormone,” and gives both you and your pup increased feelings of security, happiness, love and comfort.

Oxytocin also plays a big role in the bonding between you and your whippet.

Here are some physical and emotional benefits you will gain from gazing into your whippet’s eyes.

Better Sleep

With increased oxytocin, you will feel calmer and relaxed and better able to fall asleep, while getting a good night’s rest.

Better Memory

Studies have proven that people who have received oxytocin remember and retain more. Staring into your pup’s eyes is like a shot of ginkgo biloba!

Less Stress

By gazing into your whippet’s eyes and increasing your oxytocin, you will feel tranquil and less anxious, because this lowers cortisol levels, leaving you serene and unruffled and registering a lower blood pressure.

Smaller Love Handles

The hormone cortisol in excess, causes your metabolism to decrease and fat to increase. Diminishing the cortisol levels by increasing more of “the feel-good” hormone will actually make your waistline smaller.

Stronger Bones

Growing stress once again causes increased cortisol levels and in turn, makes your bones less dense and more brittle setting you up for broken bones. If you produce less cortisol, thanks to your whippet, you will have greater bone density.

Good Cardiac Health

With more oxytocin, less cortisol and less stress, your blood pressure and cholesterol levels will be decreased, making your risk of heart disease decrease.

Your overall health will be better not just from gazing into your whippet’s eyes but you will find yourself getting more exercise outdoors from walks and playtime with your best friend.

You will increase the bond between you and your pup through these times of physical activity and there will also be plenty of eye contact as well.

Efficient Immune System

Again, more oxytocin equals less cortisol and a better working, highly efficient immune system, helping your body to fight off infections, illness and disease.

Emotional Benefits

There is a whole laundry list of emotional benefits by gazing into your pup’s eyes and also by being near them. Some of these perks are particularly good for single people, children, teens and the elderly.

Your whippet can give you higher self-esteem and help you to know that someone loves and needs you, especially if you live alone. Your mood can be much improved and you will feel less lonely.

why does my whippet stare at me
Image: John Mork

For children and especially teens, going through those awkward phases can make them feel alone. Your pup can help a teen feel like they aren’t isolated in a world where they may feel different.

Likewise for seniors, who may be lonely and need a friend. Sitting with your whippet and staring into their eyes will help them feel connected and even give them a sense of purpose.

Better Interactions

This close bonding with your whippet actually will help you in other relationships and help you forge solid connections with other people while helping you become a more out-going and social person.

Reasons Your Whippet May Be Staring At You

Your whippet stares at you and watches you a lot, except when cuddling or snoozing on the couch right next to you. What does this gazing mean?

This is their way of communicating with you either to tell you something, to understand what you want, to figure out what your next move might be or to manipulate you. Manipulate! What could that mean? That would be manipulation for a snack with the sad eyes by a starving whippet. Here are a few reasons for those many looks.

Adoration & Affection

Your whippet loves you to death and wants to drink in the very sight of you. They want you to pet them and to cuddle as two couch potatoes.

It is nice to be that loved and it makes both you and your whippet feel amazing! You may come home from work after a very bad day and feel as if no one loves you. Just take a look into those adorable little peepers and you will know, that is not true!

FOMO, Fear of Missing Out

Your whippet might be staring at you trying to figure out what your next move will be and if it will involve them. They do not want to miss a snack, a walk, a game of catch or couch potato time with you!


You may tell your whippet to do something and they don’t understand and are confused. They are staring and waiting for you to offer direction, to point them towards the correct path.


Your whippet is staring at you because they want some loving and attention. They want you to know, ” I’m here,” how about a nice rubbing or hug? “A treat would be nice too!”

The attention they want can also be for a need, like needing to go out which is very important for them as well as you. Perhaps they don’t feel well, but can’t tell you. and staring is their way of getting you to take notice.


You bring a snack in the living room, perhaps a bag of potato chips and they stare. They want you to share. Now, giving them your snacks or feeding them morsels from your plate at the table should be a no-no and is not acceptable or recommended.

This, however, is entirely your call, but this type of behaviour sets the tone for begging for food all of the time, with family as well as guests. This is not a well-mannered whippet.


Aggression is hardly ever a concern with whippets. A dog that will stare with an angry look or growl when he wants you to back off. They may be possessive of their food or a toy.

In this case, move away and don’t stare or gaze into their eyes. This will only escalate the problem. This is a behavioural issue and should be dealt with by a professional.

Other Considerations

So, there are a few reasons your whippet stares at you. Sometimes they’ll stare longingly and it’s out of love. other times it’s because they want or need something from you.

If you are unsure, check out their body language and go with the flow to decipher the meaning of their gaze. If it seems they are trying to tell you something, get up and follow where they take you. They may take you to the door or the treat cupboard.

Final Thoughts

Your whippet’s stare is just their way of communication and one that, in time, you will pretty much know all about. Give in to it and gaze into their eyes. This will benefit both you and your pup.

Remember, studies have shown that pet owners receive many health blessings from having a pet as a member of their family as in less stress, lower blood pressure and numerous others.

Uh oh, Bonnie is staring at me again and gazing as if in a hypnotic trance. Could it be the plate of cookies I’ve gotten for myself? No. I think it’s just because she loves me!

Hopefully, this post has helped you answer your question of “why does my whippet stare at me?”, and you’ve learned something new today.

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