The Ultimate Guide To Whippet Mixes

Dog mixes are getting prioritised by most dog lovers today, and whippet mixes have a lot to offer those looking for the best of both their favourite breeds.

With all the many canine breeds, you can imagine how many different types of whippet mixes there are today.

All whippet mixes have the purebred whippets’ admirable characteristics and that of the other dog breed crossbred with the whippet.

Crossbreeding allows the production of pups that can adopt various environment settings and with distinctive or specific features and appearance.

This article will explain what whippet mix means and discuss various whippet mixes in today’s world, how to identify them, their temperament, life expectancy, size, and other vital details about these dog mix to help you find a whippet mix that can marvel you.

Let’s get to it…

What Does Whippet Mix Mean?

Whippet mixes are hybrid dogs bred from a pure-breed whippet and any other purebred dog. Due to the unique characteristics, traits, history, talent, and intelligence, whippet mixes are quickly becoming a household name.

Since they’re developed from dogs of different pedigree, you should expect whippet mixes to acquire a mixture of features and behaviours from their parents.

They may acquire more characteristics from one parent or be an equal split of both parents’ traits, so predicting the temperament of mixes is usually quite difficult.

Either way, you can always expect whippet mixes to be calm, affectionate, friendly, intelligent, and sweet. It’s more probable for them to be lean and agile too, but they’re not always as fast as their whippet purebred parent.

Whippets were brought more to the limelight in 2018 after winning the American Kennel Club’s ‘Best in Show Award. For this reason, whippets and their mixes are expected to continue becoming popular and getting more and more attention from many dog enthusiasts.

Today there are more than 40 different whippet mixes in the world. In this article, we’ll discuss 15 common whippet mixes that can blow your mind with their unique and wonderful features.

15 Most Popular Whippet Mixes Today

1. Whippador

Whipadors are pups bred from purebred whippets and Labrador Retrievers. Most people love whipadors; this is true because Labradors are the first most famous dogs in the United States.

Crossbreeding whippets and Labrador Retrievers produce pups that are very joyful, playful, and family-oriented. Therefore, whipadors are great family dogs.

A standard whippador is about 10-24 inches tall and weighs 25-80 pounds. Labs are usually black, chocolate, and yellow. However, the whippet lab mixes can acquire other different colours from their whippet parent. Most whippets are generally white, fawn, blue, tan, black, and brindle.

They are incredibly energetic; thus, they require enough exercise. Whipadors can live for 10-15 years.

2. Pippet

this whippet mix is a crossbreed of a whippet and a Pitbull Terrier. They are usually regarded as the dog world’s clown because they love showing off.

Although pippets have a bit of a reputation for being somewhat aggressive, they are funny, affectionate, obedient, and intelligent canines.

They are also swift and powerful; therefore, you should ensure your home is fenced and doesn’t have any dog escape routes. Adequate exercise is crucial too to keep their energetic bodies in check.

An average pippet is about 18-21 inches tall with a weight of 30-60 pounds. They’re expected to live for approximately 8-15 years.

3. Foxwhip

Foxwhips are mixes produced by crossbreeding purebred whippets and American Foxhounds. These mixes can be either calm and gentle like their whippet or exhibit the foxhound’s howling trait.

Therefore, this whippet mix can be the wrong choice for individuals planning to live their pups alone for long periods.

The good news is foxwhips are extremely fun, active, and good-natured. Just like most whippet mixes, Foxwhips require enough exercise to burn off energy and stay fit. A healthy Foxwhip requires about 30-60 minutes of daily exercise.

Their lifespan is 11-15 years. They’re 20-24 inches tall and weigh 20-70 pounds.

4. Collie Whip

Crossbreeding purebred border collies and whippets result in cute whippet mixes called the Collie whips. These mixes are extremely fast and tolerant.

Their size and height are more like whippets, but they may look a bit bigger due to their fluffy and longer fur.

This mix is a great family dog due to its loyalty, intelligence, friendly, and charming personality. However, you should be ready to provide it with a lot of playful stimulation and exercises.

Their lifespan is relatively longer, 12-18 years, weigh 25-55 pounds, and stands about 18-22 inches tall.

5. Whipoxer

A Whipoxer is a pup bred from a purebred whippet and a Boxer. It’s strong, muscular, short-coated, playful, and very agile.

They are always ready and full of energy and charm; therefore, they love playing. This dog breed doesn’t do so well when left alone. They are very destructive when they get bored.

Boxerwhips usually weigh between 25-80 pounds and a height of 24-30 inches. Their life expectancy is about 10-15 years. They require appropriate food quality and amount, plus adequate daily exercise for a healthy and fit body.

6. Chi Whip

A Chi whip is a small whippet mix dog produced from crossbreeding a Chihuahua and a whippet. It’s about 8-18 inches tall and weighs about 6-40 pounds. Unlike most whippet mixes, the Chi whips don’t require a lot of exercise.

They are great dogs for people looking for designer dogs that love cuddling and cuddling. They tend to have separation anxiety when left alone for more extended hours alone.

Their loving and needy personality makes them suitable family pups and can live for 12-16 years.

7. Whipperman

This whippet mix is a result of breeding a purebred whippet with a Doberman dog breed. Even the Doberman’s are naturally unfriendly; the Whipperman is among the friendliest mixes of the Doberman dog pedigree.

The whippermans have both the whippets’ friendly and sweet nature, sleek coat, and the Doberman’s intelligence and uber-athletic appearance.

Such characteristics make them exciting family dogs. They tend to be a bit protective of their owners and family.

They stand 21-35 inches tall and weigh 40-70 pounds with a 12-14 years life expectancy. They require a lot of exercise; that is, adequate mental stimulation and physical exercise to keep their large and robust bodies healthy and fit.

8. Golden Whippet

Golden whippets are among the most beautiful, affable, friendly, and warm whippet mixes. They are a result of crossbreeding whippets with Golden Retrievers.

From its name, this whippet mix has a golden coat from the Golden Retriever parent, but they have shorter fur due to the whippet parents.

They tend to shed a bit more; therefore, frequent grooming is necessary. An average Golden whippet is about 20-23 inches tall, weighs 25-75pounds, and has a 10-15 years life expectancy. They are generally playful and affectionate, making them great canines for families.

The Golden whippet requires a high exercise level; averagely, they need about 45-60 minutes of exercise daily.

9. Grey Whippet

It’s usually hard to identify this whippet mix because greyhounds and whippets look somewhat similar. Greyhounds are generally larger than whippets; the grey whippet is now the larger version of a purebred whippet.

They’re great dogs for anyone looking for a more agile greyhound and faster whippet. Their body resembles those whippets, long legs, deep chest, and short fur.

They get attached to family or owners, needy, loving, hard to train, and usually aloof with strangers.

Grey whippets usually weigh 25-80 pounds and stand 20-26 inches. Their lifespan is 10-15 years and requires at least 45 minutes of exercise every day.

10. Jackawhip

If you need a tiny lovely pooch to make your home livelier, then Jackawhips is the best option. They’re a result of crossbreeding whippets with Jack Russel terriers. This whippet mix is usually full of life, independent, playful, and intelligent.

Sometimes, they can be stubborn like their Jack Russel parent. They can inherit any whippet coat colour the additional Jack Russel coat colours; White and chestnut and Blue Belton. Averagely, jackawhips live for about 12-16 years, weigh 14-40 pounds, and stand 12-18 inches tall.

11. Whipoodles

Whipoodles are an incredibly intelligent, friendly, loving, and athletic whippet mix. They are produced by crossbreeding pure whippets and poodles. Due to their high intelligence, training whipoodles isn’t hard.

Mostly, whipoodles inherit the poodles’ curly and extra wavy coats, but they shed less than pure poodles.

Their playful nature, obedience, affectionate, intelligence, and loving personality make them sweet canine companions.

However, they need frequent exercising and attention to prevent them from destroying things and reduce boredom. Whipoodles are about 18-20 inches tall, weigh 15-40 pounds, and have a lifespan of about 10-18 years.

12. Hippet

Hippets are extremely beautiful; they have both the whippet’s and Husky’s features; That is, an elegant coat that is slightly shorter than that for pure Husky, athletic body, and beautiful, impressive blue/mix-coloured eyes.

They are fun, playful, energetic, and friendly. They can weigh around 30-50 pounds, standing 19-23 inches tall, and lifespan of 13-15 years.

You should be ready to exercise them for at least 45-60 minutes daily to burn off the excess energy.

13. Viszla Whip

Vizsla whippets are gentle and loving dogs. They inherited both of their parents’ sweet and affectionate traits, agility, and appearance. Their floppy vizsla ears and the whippet’s long face make them look adorable.

They are sensitive and don’t like staying alone for more extended periods. Therefore, they’re an excellent choice for people who can provide them with company and attention more often.

Vizsla whips can live for 12-15 years, weigh around 25-60 pounds, and stand 20-23 inches tall.

They require high exercise levels to maintain their energetic and playful nature.

14. Italian Whippet

It’s easy to confuse Italian greyhounds for whippets and vice versa. They’re not only similar but family too. Whippets have an Italian greyhound bloodline. Italian greyhounds are much smaller than whippets.

A mixture of these two breeds results in smaller whippet mixes called the Italian whippets, which have skinny bodies, long muzzle, and tall legs. They weigh 14-25 pounds with a height of 14-20 inches.

You can expect this whippet mix to be playful, sensitive, bouncy, and aloof around strangers. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave an Italian whippet alone for extended hours.

15. Whipoint

Whipoints are a result of crossbreeding pure whippets with German short-haired Pointer. They are about 20-24 inches tall, weighing 35-60 pounds.

Their bodies are short-furred and elegant, sometimes with a spotted pattern they inherit from their German parent.

They usually look younger even at their older ages because of their dropping triangle ears and big button eyes. Whipoints are incredibly energetic, alert, and have a high prey drive; hence, they can make excellent hunting buddies if trained well.

If you want an active, affectionate, loyal, and loving pup, you can consider a whipoint.

Are Whippet Mixes Healthier Than Purebreds?

This debate has been ongoing for some years now. Some people feel purebreds are healthier than mixed breeds, while others think the opposite way.

Most dog experts support that mixed breeds are more resilient and tolerant than purebreds. Why are dog mixes healthier than purebreds? Let’s find out.

Recently, the UC conducted a study to answer this question. They studied over 27,000 canines comparing their genetic disorders. The study found out that pure breeds are susceptible to about 42% of genetic diseases than mixed breeds.

Therefore, the claim that purebreds are prone to genetic ailments is only affirmative for 10 (42%) of the diseases. The study discovered that reliable screening or genetic tests could significantly reduce various dog disorders.

You can explain the health difference between purebreds whippets and whippet mixes in two perspectives, and they include;

Hybrid Vigour

Crossbreed dogs are believed to have a high hybrid vigour than purebreds. Meaning they have better overall health and high resistance to ailments.

This term applies to plants too, and the dictionary describes hybrid vigour as the improved qualities plants and animals portray after crossbreeding.

However, you should ensure to select healthy dog breeds to produce a pup with greater vigour.

If you breed whippets with canines susceptible to the same disorders as the whippet, you might end having puppies prone to more genetic disorders than their parents.

Gene Pool Size

The larger the gene pool, the healthier canines can become. Most crossbreed whippets have a larger gene pool than purebreds.

Purebred whippets have been in existence for over 2,000 years now, and they’re usually more likely to catch illness when compared to crossbreeds.

Dog breeds with larger gene pools tend to be more healthy because they’re less likely to suffer from recessive disorders. Therefore, crossbreeding whippets with other canines with a large gene pool makes an even larger gene pool for the crossbreed which helps it fight against illness.

Most purebreds are a result of inbreeding. Continuous inbreeding can lead to increased chromosomal and genetic mutations that can lead to health disorders.

Genetic diversity is key to a long and healthy life in dogs, making whippet mixes more capable to fight off illness and live for longer than purebreds.

Either way, genetics greatly determine a dog’s health and possible diseases it may get in the future. Therefore, even if you’re convinced whippet mixes are better, you should ensure to check their parents’ health and possible genetic disease they can get.

Besides genetics, other factors can affect your whippet mix health. Some of these factors include; exercise level and requirement, nutrition, socialisation factors, and food amount.

How To Spot A Whippet Mix

Identifying a whippet mix is easy if you can identify the unique characteristics of the purebred parents. The size, appearance, personality, and health of crossbreed whippet is usually different from that of pure whippets.

Therefore, you can spot a whippet mix by looking at the previously mentioned factors. Some of the ways to spot whippet crossbreeds include;

Comparing The Size

Whippet mixes can be either smaller or bigger than purebred whippets depending on the dog breed bred with the whippet parent.

An average purebred whippet small in size weighs between 18-48 pounds and stands at around 19-22 inches tall.

Whippet mixes are usually bigger than purebred whippets, apart from the likes of Chi whippets.

Some can be almost the same size as whippets, but you’ll notice a difference in coat fur size or head appearance.

Comparing Temperaments

Whippet mixes are more likely to have unpredicted personalities. The personality of many purebreds can differ with training level/method, socialisation skills, and bloodline.

If you find a dog with traits other than those of a whippet, chances are you’re looking at a whippet mix.

Crossbreed’s personality has a lot to do with the parents’ traits and how the pups inherit them.

Comparing Health

Most whippet mixes are considered healthier than purebred mixes because of the gene pool variation. Purebreds are more susceptible to genetics and chromosomal disorders because of inbreeding.

Crossbreed dogs are more susceptible to ailments like allergies, cancer, hip dysplasia, ear and eye infections.

Checking Coat Colours And Lengths

Whippet mixes come in more colours other than white, fawn, blue, tan, black, and brindle. Usually, whippets have slim bodies and short fur coats.

If you see a dog resembling a whippet, but it has longer fur, then it is likely a whippet mix such as the Bedlington whippet.

Final Thoughts

Whippet mixes are an excellent option for people who want to have the best of two dog breeds but rolled into one cute pooch. They inherit the sweet and delightful whippets personality plus that of the other dog you breed with them.

You can have a pup with the specific traits and appearance you want by breeding a whippet with another dog breed you love so much.

But it’s crucial you research more about their health line issues to avoid producing malformed and unadjusted pups.

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