6 Benefits Of A Highly Trained Whippet

Training a whippet is hard work, it requires dedication, commitment, and patience, but it’s one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.

Having a dog that is trained to a high standard is the dream right?

It truly does make owning your whippet much better, at least in my experience anyway.

In this post we look at some benefits of a highly trained whippet, so sit back and relax and get prepared for a reading that will make you smile.

What Age Should I Start Training My Whippet?

First, it’s important to understand what age you should start training your whippet.

As well as what age they should be before the training ramps up to a more advanced level.

Generally, you should start training your whippet from as early as 2 – 6 months old, the sooner the better.

Of course, this should only be very basic at this age, but getting them used to the idea of listening to you is an important step.

Once your whippet hits the age of 6-months, it’s time to start basic training.

This routine will involve commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “come” etc.

When your whippet has completed this phase and is trained to a basic level, you can then move on to the more advanced techniques which typically take a little longer to complete.

Training should be a constant, it should always be getting better and evolving as time goes on and the bond with your dog strengthens.

6 Benefits Of A Highly Trained Whippet

Now let’s talk about the benefits of a highly trained whippet and why you should start training your whippet from such a young age!


The first benefit of a highly trained whippet is that they are much safer because of their training.

If your dog is trained and will listen to your commands, this means you can direct them out of harms way in an instant.

This also ensures you and your family are safer as you will not put yourself in dangerous situations to help your dog.

Having a dog that has good recall training and leash training makes dog walks much safer for everyone involved.

Easier To Control

Having control over your dog is essential, especially if that dog has been known to show aggression or be temperamental.

Control is a large part of why anyone trains their dog in the first place, and it’s even more important for larger breeds.

Once your dog is trained, not only are you in control over their behaviour, but they also become less likely to misbehave.

Not only does this benefit you because the dog isn’t running wild, but it’s also good for the dog as they are getting all of the attention and direction that they need.

A whippet prey drive is one of the main reasons why you need to have a level of control over this breed.

They are known for running after prey animals and being incredibly difficult to get back under control when in this phase.

This is why it’s important that you start recall training early and continue training them throughout their lives.

Strengthens The Bond

One of my favourite parts of being a whippet owner is building and developing the bond between me and my dogs.

Training is a great way to do this, as it is not only fun, but you are also building trust and working together to complete the task.

Most whippets will want nothing more than to please their owner, so training can be very rewarding on both ends.

Once your dog has completed advanced training, the bond between you both will have strengthened dramatically.

Your whippet will trust you a lot more and be comfortable in any situation with you, making them a pleasure to own and take into new situations.

Mental Stimulation And Exercise

When training your whippet, it’s important to use techniques that stimulate your dog’s mind and keep them active.

Use games and different methods that involve running, jumping, treat based activities to keep your whippet stimulated and happy.

Whippets can get bored easily, so be sure to keep them entertained.

Training your whippet should be fun for them, as well as yourself. Keep training sessions short to around 20 – 30 minutes each time so they do not become bored and start to resent it.

Social And Friendly Dog

Having a dog that is social and friendly towards others is an awesome side effect of dog training.

Socialisation is key for whippets to be happy, they love to be around new people and dogs.

Proper socialisation makes them comfortable around all kinds of situations, which means they are safer to take out in public places.

Be sure to introduce your whippet to as many people and dogs as possible during training.

This will make them the perfect companion for walks or hanging around with you in some downtime.

A friendly dog is one that is comfortable around all sorts of people and is happy to follow your commands because it trusts you.

This makes them the perfect pet for any family because they are safe for kids, other dogs (if properly trained), and strangers.

Whippets make great pets to take out anywhere with you, including bedtime! They love attention from other people and will happily snuggle in and watch a movie with you after a long day.

If your whippet is good around kids, it makes them the perfect pet for any family.

Experience For You

Being able to train your whippet to a high standard is a skill that will stay with you for life.

This means when it comes to getting your next dog, you already have the knowledge and skill required to train that dog to the same level.

This experience is invaluable, and a great one to have as someone who loves dogs and plans to own more in the future.

If it’s something you truly enjoy, you could even start to get paid for it by becoming a personal dog trainer for people in your area.

More On Trained Whippets

Owning a trained whippet is a joy, they are a pleasure to own and make life much easier for you and your family.

There is no having to worry about your dog running away, or attacking another dog, it’s simply bliss.

Not only that, but trained whippets make the owners feel like their dog is safe and they don’t have to worry about them hurting themselves.

Whippets are not aggressive dogs, but having your pup completely trained makes it a very soothing sensation for any owner to know their dog will never hurt anyone in the family.

You’re making life easier and more enjoyable for everyone around you by having a highly trained dog.

There is nothing worse than going into a friend or family member’s house and being scared of their dog, especially if it’s a big breed such as a Doberman.

Although whippets aren’t as big and scary, having a highly trained whippet will give those around you that peace of mind knowing that when they come to your house they don’t need to worry about the dog.

Having An Untrained Whippet Can Be Dangerous

Owning a whippet that is untrained can be incredibly dangerous, especially if your dog is still very young.

When you get a whippet it’s important that they are trained from the word go, so they learn right away how to behave around family members and friends of the family.

If you leave it till later, you could have a runaway on your hands, which could result in injury for your furry friend.

As you are likely aware if you’re a regular reader here, whippets can have a very strong prey drive which means they’ll chase after rabbits, rats, and other small animals.

If your whippet is untrained and will not listen to your commands, your whippet may bolt after a rabbit and immediately be at risk of running into a car or another hazard.

This is why part I believe if you choose a whippet to be your next dog, you have a certain level of responsibility to train your dog to a decent standard so that you have control of your pet.

These dogs are incredibly fast and can jump over 6-feet, this means if they want to get away from you they certainly can.

This is why it’s important to train your whippet in recall to ensure that when you command him back to you, he comes.

There are many dangers associated with untrained dogs, from aggression to road accidents.

Don’t allow your whippet to become another statistic and ensure they are trained to a high level to keep them, as well as you and your family as safe as possible.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many benefits to owning a highly trained whippet, from building a stronger bond to having a more social and friendly dog.

The benefits are endless, and it’s never too late to start training.

Take your time, and work at it little by little each day (but also keep in mind that even the most trained whippets still need regular playtime and exercise).

Training your whippet to a high level certainly isn’t easy, but it is incredibly rewarding.

Whippets are people pleasers, which means they make the training process much more enjoyable than some other breeds.

If you’ve had experience training another breed before, you’ll likely find training your whippet to be a breeze!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope you’ve taken something away from this post.

Feel free to stick around and learn more about this wonderful breed.

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