Whippet Corgi Mix: A Full Guide

Corgis are known to be a charming and loveable dog breed, after all the Queen of England had one for many years. Mixing the hardworking and devoted corgi with the speedy, gentle, and affectionate whippet produces spunky and energetic canines with a loving personality.

A whippet corgi mix has the whippet’s muscular body frame and other attractive corgi features like feathery ears and legs, as well as a double coat. In addition, their playful energy makes them a great addition to active households and owners.

Knowing your canine’s behaviour, temperament, and care requirements are crucial if you want to raise and live with it comfortably.

So, are you wondering if the whippet corgi mix is suitable for you? Do their temperaments and looks fit those you want your dog to have? Let’s find out.

This post discusses whippet corgi mixes to help you decide if they’re the correct choice for you and the best way to care for them to get an optimal experience from owning one.

What Is A Whippet Corgi Mix?

Commonly referred to as Whipgis, whippet corgi crosses are a result of crossing purebred Whippets and Corgis. Usually, corgis come in two different types: the Pembroke welsh and cardigan corgis. However, these two corgis have entirely different origins.

Cardigan and Pembroke corgis share most of their features and traits, with only a few noticeable differences. Breeding a whippet with any of these two corgis creates super cute, energetic, charming, sociable, and loyal pups.

Most of the features and traits of these puppies will resemble those of their parents. They’re usually medium-sized canines with the sweetness and feistiness of their parents.

Whippet Corgi Mix History

Most designer dogs have shallow histories, including the Whipgis. However, with a deeper understanding of their parents’ histories and origins, knowing more about them gets easier. Here is a short history of the Whipgi parents.

The Whippet

Whippets are middle-sized dogs once known as ‘snap dogs’ or ‘the poor man’s racehorse. The main reason for developing whippets was to help hunters catch rabbits and race in coursing games for entertainment and betting.

The whippets’ origin dates back to England in the late 18th century, where they were produced to hunt using their sight and race at tremendous speeds.

Ranked as the 61st most famous canine breed, whippets are still a household name in the canine family, with an unrivaled running top speed of 57km/hr.

Today, many owners keep these calm, gentle, playful, and affectionate dogs as loving companions. However, in some parts of the world, whippets are still raced and involved in dog games.

The Corgi

There are two kinds of corgi dog breeds; the Pembroke welsh and Cardigan welsh corgis. Both these dogs came from Wales but in different eras.

The Cardigan corgis originated first, and the Pembroke came around 2000 years later after the Cardigans were introduced.

There’s a theory stating that Pembroke corgis came from the fairies. It’s believed that two kids bumped into a fairy funeral and the mourning fairies gave them to pups. These dogs are also said to be fairies’ horses before humans adopted them as herders.

Cardigans are said to have originated from Cardiganshire, Southwest of Wales, while the Pembroke came from Pembrokeshire, Southern Wales.

You can differentiate these dogs from their tails and sizes. Cardigans have longer, fox-like tails, while Pembrokes have docked tails. In addition, Pembrokes are normally small-sized compared to Cardigans, who have larger bodies with heavier bones.

But generally, both these corgis are friendly, hardworking, alert, enthusiastic, spunky, sturdy, and loving dogs.

They’re excellent watchdogs and family companions. However, they require adequate exercise to stay mentally stimulated, fits, and burn out extra energy contained in their bodies.

Whippet Corgi Mix Temperament

All hybrid dogs have traits, personalities, and appearance resembling those of their parents. With both calm, loving, affectionate, intelligent, and energetic parents, Whipgis are usually adorable, outgoing, smart, trainable, courageous, bold, and highly devoted canines.

Both types of Corgis love being closer to their owners. With their hardworking nature, these canines will enjoy indulging in all activities you partake. As intelligent dogs, early training is crucial. Luckily, they’re pretty fast learners and enjoy working or playing with people.

As herding dogs, corgis can develop a biting tendency, a trait you’d not want to become a habit.

They also have sharp, big ears that can detect almost any sound, explaining why they’re also excellent watchdogs.

Cardigan and Pembroke corgi personalities also differ a little. Cardigans are generally silent and laid-back pooches, while Pembrokes are affectionate, fun, happy, playful, and outgoing.

However, cardigans are more adaptable than Pembrokes. They’re funny and thoughtful, relaxed and brave, independent and affectionate.

A whippet corgi mix can portray any of the above characteristics, plus the whippet’s adorable posture, even temper, agility, slender bodies, and warm character.

If you prefer Cardigan corgis over the Pembrokes, then you should be keen to get a whippet mix bred with the right corgi you desire.

Either way, expect to have a caring, friendly, energetic, and active dog with cute skin and traits.

Whippet Corgi Mix Appearance

Both whippets and corgis are medium-sized canines, but the corgis are relatively shorter than whippets. Whippets are slender dogs with short coats and muscular bodies with narrow faces, swan-shaped collars, large circular eyes, broad chests, and dark noses, rims, and eyes.

On the other hand, corgis are dwarf canines with big heads, short, heavy legs, and upright ears. Cardigans corgis are typically larger than Pembrokes. An average cardigan corgi can measure around 10.5-12 inches in height, with a 30-38 pounds weight.

Pembrokes usually stand about 10-12 inches tall, weighing approximately 30 pounds. On the other hand, whippets measure around 18-22 inches tall with an 18-48 pounds height.

Whipgis are usually smaller like their parent dogs. They can weigh about 25-35 pounds, standing around 14-17 inches tall. Like other hybrid dogs, Whipgis can assume any of their parents’ colours and patterns. Whippets coat colours are commonly red, blue, tan, fawn, white, black, cream, and brindle.

Cardigan corgis have more acceptable coat colours and Pembrokes. They can assume several brindle colours, popularly sable and red with while patterns, white and black with tan points, all red shades, and blue merle.

Pembrokes usually have sable, red, fawn, and tri-coloured coats with white patterns. Whippet corgi mixes can get any of the above coat appearance based on their parents’ skin colour and markings.

They’re usually slim like the whippets but with a relatively chunkier skin with the corgis’ ears and head.

Whippet Corgi Mix Health

Whipgis can suffer from common health issues that are more likely to affect the whippet and corgis. While not all these problems can affect your pup, it’s essential to understand them all if you plan to get this hybrid pup.

Corgis are vulnerable to Hip dysplasia, cataracts, epilepsy, cystinuria, degenerative myelopathy, cutaneous asthenia, retinal dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and intervertebral disk ailment.

On the other hand, whippets are more exposed to deafness, anesthesia sensitivity, von Willebrand’s disease, and eye problems.

Well-selected and bred hybrid dogs have less likely to get congenital infections. Therefore, you should consider buying your dog from a reputable dog breeder or rescue center. Trustworthy breeders ensure they interbreed only healthy and mature purebred canines.

Caring For A Whippet Corgi Mix

Sufficient exercise, proper feeding, training, grooming, socialisation, and enough sleep are vital if you need your dog to live happily and stay healthy.

With energetic bodies and lively nature, corgi whippet mixes require ample daily exercise to keep their bodies fit and burning off excess energy.

A Whipgi will need enough water, food, and a balanced diet for a healthy, longer life. However, it may be prone to obesity.

Hence it’s best to watch your pup’s eating habit to avoid overfeeding or underfeeding it. An obese or malnourished god may become vulnerable to dog health issues.

Grooming corgi whippets is usually straightforward, but their shedding rate is relatively high. Obtaining an effective vacuum cleaner, dog brushes, and other essential grooming tools will help you remove the lost hair easily and faster.

You can ensure your pup’s coat looks healthy and at its best by brushing him once every week and washing it occasionally.

Nails trimming and dental care are a crucial part of the grooming routine too. Although the Whipgis can have the corgi’s double coat, it requires warmer clothes and beddings to be happy all year round.

Since these designer dogs are vibrant and spunky, adequate exercising will be crucial to lower excess energy levels their bodies possess and get mentally stimulated. Besides fitness, enough daily exercise will keep your dog from getting destructive and separation anxiety.

If you need a dog that’s obedient that’s free with people /pets, early training and socialisation will be necessary.

Whipgis usually are intelligent and independent thinkers, factors that can make them slightly hard to train. It would help if you showed your Whipgi a firm and strong leadership to know you’re in control.

It’s a good idea to break the training sessions into fun, engaging, and brief lessons to get all your canine’s attention. With patience and consistency, your puppy training will be a success.

Final Thoughts

Whippet corgi mixes are lovely energetic, and bold canines with extremely affectionate and good character. Unfortunately, their energy and training requirements make them a less than ideal choice for non-active homes and owners who can’t give them the stimulation they require.

They’re excellent canines for individuals looking for stunning, loving, gentle, and warm-natured dogs with high playful energy and hardworking nature.

They’re excellent at hiking, walking, and running companions and can follow you anywhere you go.

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