Do Whippets Shed?

do whippets shed?

Whippets typically have a short, smooth coat that doesn’t give them much protection when it comes to the outdoors. You’ll have probably seen the adorable photos of whippets all wrapped up in their winter coat, and there’s a good reason for this. A whippet’s skin is vulnerable to the cold weather; they feel it much …

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Is A Whippet A Hunting Dog?

is a whippet a hunting dog?

You may have heard that whippets are exceptional hunting dogs, also known as working dogs. They are small dogs that have been used for many years to hunt small prey such as rabbits or rats. Whippets are part of the sighthound family, which means they use their speed and sight to hunt. They are intelligent …

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When Is A Whippet Fully Grown?

when is a whippet fully grown?

You may have heard the term matured, or fully grown recently and are wondering what it means. In this post we look at when is a whippet fully grown? Giving you the average age of when a whippet reaches it’s full physical potential and fills out. At this stage, your whippet becomes as large as …

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Are Whippets Smart Dogs?

are whippets smart dogs?

Some dogs are smarter than others and that’s just a fact, some are easy to train whilst others can take years to learn the most basic commands. There are a lot of variables that come in to play when trying to decide if a dog is intelligent or not, such as genetics, training and time …

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Is A Whippet Easy To Train?

is a whippet easy to train?

Whippets are incredible dogs that some say are tough to train because of their hunting instinct. That being said, I have trained many whippets over the years and have a few tips or tricks that may help you to train your whippet. Whippets were bred to hunt here in England, and it’s true that they …

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