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Can Whippets Wear A Harness?

can whippets wear a harness?

Can whippets wear a harness? Find out in our latest post where we cover exactly that. Harnesses have a ton of benefits from training to giving you more control over your dog. They are fantastic tools for the large powerful breeds, but what about whippets?

How Big Do Whippets Get?

how big do whippets get?

Whippets are known to be small, cute and loving dogs that are exceptional sprinters used for racing and hunting. But how big do whippets get? In this post we answer exactly that, giving you a clear idea of how big your whippet will typically grow to. This helps you decide on what size dog bed, …

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Do Whippets Cry A Lot?

do whippets cry a lot?

In this post we are going to answer, do whippets cry a lot? To help you better understand what the possible causes of your whippet crying could be, and what you can do to prevent it going forward. Hearing your furry friend constantly crying isn’t a pleasant experience, but most of the time it’s for …

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How To Take Care Of Your Whippet Puppy

how to look after your whippet puppy

Knowing how to take care of a whippet puppy before you bring him home is important. In this post we go through it all, to help you be prepared for your new furry friend.

Do Whippets Get Separation Anxiety?

do whippets get separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety in whippets is incredibly common, in this post we look at some of the reasons behind separation anxiety and what you can do for your whippet manage it.

Do Whippets Like To Cuddle?

do whippets like to cuddle?

Whippets are a very affectionate breed of dog, it’s not uncommon for a whippet to constantly want love and affection from his owner. They love to run, play and spend time with their owner to help build a bond that’s unbreakable. Whippets are part of the sighthound family, which aren’t particularly known for their obedience. …

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Are Whippets Supposed To Be Skinny?

are whippets supposed to be skinny?

At first glance, whippets look like they are underweight and malnourished, however that couldn’t be further from the truth in most cases. Whippets are small, lightweight dogs that are known for their love of running. Whippets originated here in England in the 1600s and were specifically bred to hunt small vermin such as rabbits and …

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Can A Whippet Be Left Alone?

can a whippet be left alone?

Leaving your dog alone at home isn’t nice for many of us, but some dogs handle it better than others. Have you ever wondered what your furry friend is up to whilst you not home? Bonnie tends to sneak onto the couch even though she isn’t allowed. Leaving your dog alone can be sad for …

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