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This section is where we give you fun facts about whippets, helping you learn a little more about this wonderful breed of dog. We go over topics that will help you come a little closer with your whippet.

Are Whippets Friendly Dogs?

are whippets friendly dogs?

I remember when coming home with my whippet. I was like a mother hen, checking out the house and garden for potential escape routes (she could jump over our seven-foot fence) and anything she could eat (the only thing I found was an unopened bag of cheese puffs). But once I had her home, she …

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Whippet Plott Hound Mix: Ultimate Guide

whippet plott hound mix

The Plott hound is one of the six types of the Coonhound dog breed. It’s also the only Coonhound without the foxhound heritage. Plott hounds are generally courageous, loyal, and alert canines with tranquil and affectionate nature. Although fierce and muscular, they’re incredibly loving and sensitive dogs that thrive more on constant attention and company. …

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