What Is A Whippet Bull Greyhound?

The growing popularity of whippet mixes means that there are regularly new breeds and ‘designer dog’ mixes popping up.

The whippet bull greyhound is one such cross-breed, and it is becoming more and more well known as a result of being featured in the news from time to time.

So what exactly is a whippet bull greyhound?

People have been crossing different breeds for centuries but this mix is popular among hunters and those looking for a whippet with an attitude!

Let’s take a closer look…

What Exactly Is A Whippet Bull Greyhound?

A whippet bull greyhound is a whippet mix that is 1/3 whippet, 1/3 bull terrier, and 1/3 greyhound.

The result is a medium-sized, very fast dog that is much more powerful than a regular whippet or greyhound.

This whippet mix is popular among hunters, as this dog has a lot more feistiness than a regular whippet or greyhound due to the bull genes.

This is a very fast dog that can run for a long time.

It also has a lot of stamina, which makes it great in the field.

How Long Do Whippet Bull Greyhounds Live?

Due to the genetic makeup of the whippet bull greyhound, their life expectancy is around 12 – 15 years.

As this is a mixed dog it has a larger gene pool which helps it fight off illness and disease easier.

Generally, because of this dog’s healthy and active lifestyle, they stay fit and healthy year-round, that is providing they are fed on a healthy nutritious diet and get plenty of exercise.

How Big Will My Whippet Bull Greyhound Get?

A whippet bull greyhound will be slightly larger than a whippet but just smaller than a greyhound.

It will stand around 60cm tall and weigh between 35 – 40kg!

This dog is a lot bulkier than a greyhound or a whippet alone, but it is not as fast as a greyhound, but it makes up for this in sheer tenacity and energy.

What Do Whippet Bull Greyhounds Look Like?

A typical whippet bull greyhound will look very similar to a whippet, only with a much larger head and slightly bigger.

Whippet bull greyhounds look like whippets only with a lot more muscle, they are incredibly powerful dogs that can run at very fast speeds.

They will have a lot of similar attributes to the whippet with regards to appearance, such as a long, thin tail and large powerful legs.

Whippet Bull Greyhound Temperament

Whippet bull greyhounds are incredibly affectionate dogs that love to be around their people all the time.

They can be slightly more difficult when it comes to training because they have such high energy and are more boisterous than whippets or greyhounds alone.

These dogs generally have a very strong prey drive and will chase any prey like animals such as rabbits, rats, foxes, and much more.

This is why it’s incredibly important to have your whippet bull greyhounds trained to a very high standard as if they are uncontrollable off the leash they can be very dangerous.

This dog is great fun to be around and is perfect for living with other dogs.

They are incredibly social and are great for tiring other dogs (or children!) out as they will run rings around them.

The temperament of this dog is again similar to the whippet, but they are generally harder to train.

The bull gene makes them a bit of a handful, so I wouldn’t recommend this dog for a first-time owner.

Whippet bull greyhounds are amazing companions but need someone firm and assertive to help train them to a high level.

Are Whippet Bull Greyhounds Good Family Pets?

A whippet bull greyhound will fit straight into family life in most instances with very little in the way of issues.

They are fantastic family pets but can be somewhat boisterous when young, so need to be supervised around children with this in mind.

The biggest issue you might come across is that they may chase smaller animals or even act aggressively towards small dogs if not taught boundaries from a young age.

This is crucial as this dog is a powerful one and you need to make sure they understand that you are the boss.

The only time the whippet bull greyhound might not be suitable in a family setting is when you plan on having children who are still very much learning about looking after pets.

The last thing you want is for your child to mistake playfulness will aggression and be scared.

Whilst it’s important to teach your child about what is and isn’t appropriate, you should always supervise them when they are around the whippet bull greyhound.

Don’t leave them alone with babies or too young children until you are confident that the dog will act kindly around them.

If you do have younger children, I would advise against getting a whippet bull greyhound until your children are old enough to be able to play nicely with the dog.

That being said, if you have older children who understand about not tiring out the dog too much, then you are more likely to find that the dog is very good around them.

Despite these dogs having a high prey drive, they are very low aggression towards humans and other dogs.

How Much Exercise Does A Whippet Bull Greyhound Need?

When it comes to exercising this breed, they do need around 45 – 60 minutes of physical exercise per day.

It’s also important that they are mentally stimulated too, so be sure to invest in some dog toys to play with them and keep their mind active.

Contrary to what many people believe about whippets and their mixes, they don’t need a ridiculous amount of exercise.

Despite their love for physical activity, they are very content to snuggle up on the sofa or sleep in a comfortable dog bed.

How Much Does A Whippet Bull Greyhound Eat?

They eat around 500 calories per day, which is perfect for maintaining a healthy weight.

You should be feeding your whippet bull greyhound a healthy and nutritious diet to help feed their large muscles.

They will also need a high-quality dog food that has been formulated to provide them with all the energy and protein they need from their diet.

Other Considerations

It’s worth keeping in mind that this breed is quite sensitive to certain drugs, including anesthesia.

You should also be careful with any other sedatives or medications that may affect them because they are at high risk of experiencing some type of reaction.

Check with your vet before administering any medication or vaccine to your whippet bull greyhound.

They enjoy playing in the water and will get a lot of entertainment from canine toys such as Kongs and squeaky plush animals.

Whippet bull greyhounds tend to get along well with older children but can be too energetic around very young children and may knock them over by accident.

They will also want to play with other dogs, so you should make sure their social skills are up to scratch.

It’s important to train whippet bull greyhounds from a young age in order to successfully live with other pets.

These dogs need to be walked on a leash at all times and should never be let off the leash in an unfenced area unless you are confident they are highly recall trained.

Whippet bull greyhounds are good-natured, gentle by nature, and require very little exercise.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the whippet bull greyhound is a whippet mix that is quickly gaining popularity due to its unique temperament and nature.

This is a perfect dog for someone who is looking for a small, easy-to-care-for pet.

That being said, they are a little harder to handle than a purebred whippet, so I wouldn’t recommend this mix as your first dog.

As a whole, the whippet bull greyhound is a formidable hunter and excellent companion.

If you are considering getting one for yourself, I hope this article has helped inform you on what it entails to own this special breed!

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