Are Whippets Better In Pairs?

When it comes to owning a whippet, or any dog for that matter, the question of whether you should get one or more than one will inevitably come up.

There are various reasons why people like to own more than one dog. It’s nice having multiple dogs around all the time, and you get twice as much love!

However, there are some potential negatives; if your dogs don’t get along, you’re stuck with them for life!

Plus, if you go on holiday they may get lonely and start tearing things up in your absence.

In this post we’re going to go to answer, are whippets better in pairs? To help you better understand whether one or two whippets will be best for your situation.

Let’s get into it…

Do Whippets Enjoy Company?

When considering bringing a second whippet into your home, it’s very important that you take into account the characteristics and behaviour of your current whippet.

This is because all dogs are individuals, and depending on their nature, they will have different needs and preferences.

For the most part, whippets are incredibly social dogs that love to be in the company of others.

Whether that is another whippet or a completely different breed, your pooch will enjoy having a companion and someone to spend their time with.

Because of the independent and aloof nature of this breed, they can often get lonely and bored when left alone for long periods of time.

This makes them particularly good at being companion dogs, as they are very content to be by your side or cuddled up next to you on the sofa.

If you’re a regular reader here, then you’ll know that many whippets suffer from separation anxiety.

Bringing another whippet into your home will help with this and ensure they have someone to spend time with and keep them company.

However, if you are thinking about bringing in another whippet into the home, there are a few things to consider first.

Will My Whippey Enjoy Having Another Whippet Around?

Whippets are likely to be very happy with having another whippet around, especially if it is their sibling from the same litter.

In fact, many owners say that owning two whippets has been a dream come true for them.

However, some whippets prefer to be the only dog in the home and will feel more relaxed if they are not sharing their living space with another animal.

It is therefore important you take your current whippet’s nature into account when you are thinking about getting a second one.

For example, how well does your dog get on with other animals? Do they prefer being the only dog in the home or would they feel happier with a companion?

You should not get a second whippet if your current one is unhappy being around other dogs.

If you have any doubts, ask an experienced whippet breeder/adopter to help you decide.

What About Other Dog Breeds?

Whippets get along great with other dogs. They are known to want to spend time with their canine buddies indoors and outdoors.

They also love running around with other breeds during dog park play sessions.

Whippets who get along well with all other types of dogs make great playmates for owners who like bringing their pets out together during free-roaming exercise.

This means that bringing another whippet into your home isn’t the only option, if you feel like you want to mix it up a little then feel free to look at another dog breed.

There are plenty of breeds that make the perfect companions for whippets, such as Collies, Greyhounds, Labrador, Beagles, and more.

Is Your Current Whippet Ready For A New Buddy?

Not all whippets will be ready for a new whippet to come into their home, so it’s important to identify whether your whippet is ready for a new friend or not.

Here are some signs to look for if you’re wondering whether or not your current whippet would be happy with another one:

  • Your whippet is just generally unhappy and stressed when he’s home alone.
  • Your whippet is constantly barking and whining when he’s home alone.
  • Your whippet is generally underweight, or overweight.
  • Your whippet is constantly hiding, shying away from people he doesn’t know, won’t greet guests at the door.

What To Consider

Here are some points you’ll want to consider before introducing a new whippet into your home.


The age of your current whippet will play a role in deciding whether they are ready for a new whippet or not.

This is because when whippets are still very young, they can be sensitive to stress, and can form strong bonds with other whippets.

Older dogs who have been through a lot already in their lives, likely won’t have the energy to keep up with a new, energetic whippet puppy.

I wouldn’t recommend bringing a new whippet into your home if your current whippet is under the age of 6-months or above the age of 7 years.


Another thing to consider is the gender of your current whippet, since some male whippets may not get along with a female partner, or vice versa.

It’s best to know your dog, and if one day they are playing all nice with another whippet, but the next day they are fighting, you’ll need to consider this when choosing a new partner for them.

If your current whippet is neutered or spayed it doesn’t affect whether or not you can bring a new whippet into your home.


If you’ve got an aggressive whippet, it may be best to avoid getting another whippet.

This way the aggression will not be passed on and won’t affect the new dog, and you would be putting another dog at risk by introducing them into your home with your aggressive whippet.

You’ll need to train your whippet’s aggression out of them first before considering a new dog


If your current whippet seems lonely, consider getting them a friend.

Loneliness is often overlooked by many owners but can be seen in different ways by dogs (such as pacing or barking).

If your current whippet shows signs of loneliness, consider finding them a playmate. Another whippet will be just what they need to give them that new life of energy.

Your Current Dog Is Not Trained

Training a dog takes work, and it’s not as easy as people first think. If your current whippet isn’t trained to a high standard already, then it may not be best to introduce another whippet into the family.

This is because two dogs are harder to manage than one, and if they are not already trained, then training them both will be a hard task.

It’s worth noting that even well-trained dogs can take time to adjust with each other so it is best to have one dog properly trained before bringing in another.

Training two dogs that do not get on will just result in fighting, which may cause injury to either dog.

Do You Have The Time, Energy, And Funds

Ensuring you have the time, energy, and funds to properly care for two dogs is important to keep in mind.

Factoring in dog insurance, dog food, dog beds, and more can be an expensive business, so you may want to consider whether or not you can afford it.

If your existing dog is used to the luxury of their own bed then it will probably mean two beds for two dogs which may be more than you are willing to pay.

Taking each of these points into consideration before bringing in a second dog is important.

So Are Whippets Better In Pairs?

As a whole, I believe whippets are better in pairs. They will have a best friend to enjoy their lifetime with, play together, cuddle up with, etc.

This breed of dog is made for being in pairs as they are very bonded creatures. They are companions first and foremost.

However, they are still individuals so you should not put your entire life on hold just for this dog or dogs.

There are many reasons why two whippets are better than one, so if you’re considering a whippet as your next dog breed, why not get two?

Final Thoughts

Whippets are dogs that are best in pairs, they love company and will get along great together.

However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be individuals as well. There are always options to make your whippet an individual pup as well if you desire it so.

If you still feel like getting two whippets at the same time is right for you and for your life, go ahead! Many people make this decision and many live happily ever after.

Just know that it’s going to be more expensive and time-consuming than just getting one, but also more rewarding!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope you learned something new!

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