White Whippets: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re searching for a new whippet to bring into your home, you may want to consider the beautiful white whippet.

White whippets are some of the most beautiful dogs on the planet. They make excellent pets for all of the family and get along with kids and other dogs too.

In this post, we’re going to go through everything you need to know about white whippets to help you decide whether this is the right dog for you.

Let’s get to it…

What Is A White Whippet?

In a nutshell, a white whippet is a whippet that has white coloured fur. There are two different types of white whippets that you should be aware of, white with markings and pure white.

White whippets with markings will usually have a brindle colour in them too, or maybe they have a different coloured chest or toes.

Whereas pure white whippets are white head to toe, with no other colour on their body at all.

Sadly, whippets that are white tend to suffer from deafness or begin to lose their hearing much earlier in life than other coloured whippets.

The genetics that causes the white pigment in the skin can also cause illness in the whippet, so it’s crucial that you’re aware of this before you start your search for a white whippet.

Although white whippets are certainly out there, most dog experts do not class this as a base colour for whippets as white is considered to be devoid of colouring.

Are White Whippets Rare?

White whippets are some of the rarest whippets out there. Alongside the merle and blue whippet, all-white whippets are rarely seen and in very high demand.

Whippets that are white are likely to have patches of other colours on them too, this is called parti-colour.

Parti-coloured is the combination of white and another colour, which is more commonly seen in whippets than pure white.

Although white whippets are rare, they are not quite as rare as the dun whippet. These whippets only appear in around one in 1500 – 2000 births.

How Much Do White Whippets Cost?

If you’re lucky enough to find a white whippet, you’ll likely want to know how much the dog costs. As these dogs are in very high demand and incredibly rare, I’m sure you can imagine that they come at a premium rate.

The cost of a whippet is largely going to depend on the dog’s heritage. If you’re a regular reader here then you’ll know that whippets are often used as racing or working dogs.

Meaning the price of dogs from good racing heritage can increase the cost significantly. Presuming that the dog is not from a racing or working heritage, I’ve listed some typical prices you can expect to pay for a white whippet below.

White Whippet Puppies

The average price of a white whippet puppy is around £800 – £1500 here in the UK and $1100 – $2000 in the US.

White whippet puppies are in very high demand and are rarely seen by whippet breeders. Puppies will almost always cost more than adult dogs too because they can be trained to the owner’s requirements.

This price is based on the puppy coming from a reputable breeder and the whippet being purebred. White whippet mixes can cost less than this, but it’s largely going to depend on what the mix is.

Adult White Whippets

Adult whippets are cheaper than puppies as they are not in as high demand as puppies.

These dogs are just as loving and caring as puppies, and are often a better choice for first-time dog owners as they are easier to train and don’t require as much attention.

The average price for a mature white whippet is between £400 – £800 in the UK and $600 – $1100 in the US.

If you do decide that you would prefer an adult whippet over a puppy, it’s worth checking out your local rescue center as there are thousands of whippets that are looking for a loving new home.

white whippets
Image: Marcus Gier

Sadly lots of whippets get abandoned as they grow older, whether it’s from being injured or because they’ve reached adulthood and their owner no longer wants them.

Rescuing a whippet gives you the opportunity to save a whippet’s life from misery and also find a cheaper whippet. Rescue whippets have a lot of love to give and will be eternally grateful for you rescuing them.

This helps build an unbreakable bond between you and your pet that lasts a lifetime.

Do White Whippets Get Along With Other Pets?

Before you decide to bring a whippet into your family home, it’s important to understand if these dogs get along with other pets.

Whippets are social dogs, they love to interact with humans and other dogs and are even a great tool to help get overweight or less active dogs in shape.

Being the second fastest dogs on the planet and capable of running up to speeds of up to 35mph, they run circles around almost any other breed out there.

Whippets get along great with other dogs, they love to play and exercise and are not aggressive pets at all.

However, one aspect of the whippet you need to be aware of is that they do have a high prey drive. Whippets have been used as racing and working dogs for many years.

Chasing small prey is hardwired into them which means they don’t get along great with cats, hamsters, mice, rats, or rabbits.

If you own any of the above pets then I would stay clear of a whippet as your next pet to be on the safe side.

That’s not to say that whippets can’t get along with these animals, as they certainly can. However, this is going to require a lot of patience and training on your part to introduce these animals properly in a controlled environment.

This is best done if the whippet is a puppy so that whilst they are growing up they can get comfortable with other pets in the house.

Whippets can live in harmony with these other pets, but it takes a lot of effort from you as the owner, and even when they are comfortable together they should never be left alone together.

Other Considerations

Now that you know a little more about white whippets, let’s look at some other considerations you may want to bear in mind before you go searching Google for this dog.

Exercising A White Whippet

Many people presume that whippets need an ungodly amount of exercise to stay happy and stimulated, but this really isn’t the case.

A whippet needs around 45 – 60 minutes of physical exercise today to be satisfied.

If you’re unable to provide your whippet with this amount of exercise then it may be wise to look at another breed. Whippets need mental stimulation and physical exercise to stay fit and healthy, as well as stress relief.

Whippets are known as couch potatoes, as once they have their required exercise they love to lounge around on the sofa and relax.

Grooming A White Whippet

Grooming a white whippet is a little different than grooming other coloured whippets, for the simple reason that they will appear dirty much easier than dark coloured whippets.

If you’re taking your whippet for walks in muddy fields, then the dirt will show up on their fur, meaning you may need to wash and groom your dog a little more than usual.

Most whippets are groomed from 1 – 2 times per month, but if you own a white whippet is may be best to increase this number to 3 – 4 times per month.

This will ensure your whippet is nice and clean and smells fresh, after all, who wants a smelly and dirty whippet lounging around their home.

Your pet will need their nails clipped once every few months and eyes, ears and paws cleaned regularly.

Living With A White Whippet

Whippets are small dogs, making them the perfect companion for those that live in apartments or small homes.

Providing there is enough room for your whippet to lounge and relax in their bed, they will be more than happy in most spaces.

They rarely bark too, so if you do live in an apartment there is no need to worry about noise complaints from neighbours.

However, don’t expect them to fight off intruders as they are timid dogs that would sooner lick an intruder than strike.

Whippets have short fur and thin skin, which means it’s essential for them to have a warm dog coat for the winter months.

It’s also wise to invest in some dog blankets too which will help ensure they are warm and cosy whilst at home.

White Whippets And Children

If you have a family, you’ll be glad to know that whippets and children get along great.

Whippets are small dogs that are fragile, so it’s important that you teach your children how to treat a whippet and ensure that they don’t pull their tails or poke their eyes.

Providing your children know how to live with a whippet, they will get along great and build an unbreakable bond that will last forever.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post has given you a better insight into white whippets and you now know if this is the right dog for you.

White whippets are beautiful dogs that are very rare and hard to come by. They are perfect family pets and get along great with other dogs and children.

Yes, they may require a little more maintenance and grooming than say a black whippet but that’s all part of owning one of the most beautiful dogs on the planet.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and feel free to stick around and learn more about this wonderful breed.

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