Whippet Rescues Hampshire: Directory Guide 2023

This page is a comprehensive guide to whippet rescues in Hampshire, updated for 2023 with links and contact details. If you’re interested in:

  • Finding whippet rescues or adoption centres in Hampshire in 2023
  • Understanding which whippet adoption methods to try first
  • Having access to links, emails and phone numbers to get started immediately

Then this guide is for you. Let’s begin.

Hampshire Whippet Adoption Quick Info

  • Typical UK Whippet Adoption Cost: £50-400.
  • Whippet Adoption Methods available in Hampshire:
    • Whippet-specific rescue organisations
    • Facebook groups
    • Local shelters
    • National organisations
    • Classified ad sites
  • Areas covered: Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Gosport, Farnborough, Andover, Aldershot, Horndean, Winchester, Havant, Fareham, Fleet, and Petersfield.

Whippet-specific Rescue Organisations

Whippet-specific rescue organisations are a great place to start for those wanting to adopt or foster a Whippet. These groups focus only on Whippets, which boosts your chances of finding a purebred Whippet or a Whippet mix.

They have a deep understanding of the breed. This ensures future owners get correct information and suitable matches, making the adoption process easier and more satisfying.

Whippet Rescue UK

  • Description: Whippet Rescue UK is a trust dedicated to the rescue and adoption of Whippet dogs, with information available on their Facebook page.
  • Website: http://www.whippetrescueuk.org/
  • Phone: +44 1270 767228
  • Address: Whippet Rescue UK Trust

JR Whippet Rescue

Just Whippets Rescue

Mixed Breed Hampshire Rescue Shelters

Hampshire houses many mixed breed rescue organisations. These local and national groups provide a safe place for all animals, not just Whippets. Although finding a specific breed might need a bit more effort, the joy of rescuing a Whippet is worth it.

To make the most of this directory, think about contacting these shelters directly. You can do this either by phone or email, to ask about any Whippets they might have. This active approach can make your search easier and get you closer to bringing a new furry friend home.

Hampshire Paws

  • Description: A small foster-based animal rescue in Hampshire, UK, that primarily rescues and rehomes unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats.
  • Website: https://www.hampshirepaws.co.uk/
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +447544110347

Helping Hounds Hampshire

Phoenix Rehoming

  • Description: A charity based in Hampshire, Phoenix Rehoming operates in the South of England and was awarded the ‘Rescue of the Year 2021’ award.
  • Website: https://phoenixrehoming.co.uk/
  • Phone: +44 23 9355 2639

St Francis Animal Welfare

Lurcher SOS

  • Description: A Surrey-based rescue organisation specialising in Lurchers, Greyhounds, Salukis, Whippets, and Galgos, with a network of supporters and foster homes across Kent, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Essex, and Derbyshire.
  • Website: https://www.lurchersos.org.uk/about-us

Hampshire: Southampton rehoming centre

Dogs Trust Salisbury

Pro Dogs Direct

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue


Local Facebook Pages and Groups

Facebook groups are a great help for those looking to rescue or adopt a Whippet in Hampshire. These online communities often share direct information about dogs needing a new home.

By joining, you can connect with local Whippet lovers and rescue centres.

To increase your chances, think about setting up notifications. This means you’ll be one of the first to hear about new posts, giving you an advantage in the adoption process.

These groups can be a stepping stone to your new furry friend.

Hampshire Paws Animal Rescue

Hampshire Whippets

Whippet Rescue UK

Classified Ad Listings For Whippets in Hampshire

Classified ad websites offer a way for people to link up with Whippet rescues and adoption centres in Hampshire. These sites let users look through listings of Whippets ready for adoption.

Users can narrow down their search based on their particular preferences, like age, gender, or location. This helps to find a Whippet that suits your lifestyle and home.

Using these classified ad platforms makes finding a Whippet to rescue or adopt in Hampshire simpler and more convenient.





About Whippet Adoption and Rescue in Hampshire

Whippet adoption and rescue in Hampshire is a kind process. It involves bringing a Whippet from a shelter or rescue group into a caring home. Whippets often end up in shelters because they’ve been abandoned, neglected, or their owners can’t look after them.

The adoption process gives the adopter the duty of looking after the dog’s well-being. Some shelters in Hampshire may do regular checks to make sure the dog is well after adoption. This is especially true in cases of severe neglect.

How Whippet Rescue Works

Whippet Rescue acts as a lifeline for Whippets abandoned or given up because their owners can’t meet their special needs. These nimble dogs often end up in shelters. Rescue organisations then step in, hoping to find them caring, suitable homes.

The process usually starts with an online search for Whippet-specific shelters or rescue centres. Potential adopters must fill out an adoption form, giving detailed information about their lifestyle and home environment.

After submission, the organisation is contacted to arrange a visit. This helps these fast dogs find their permanent homes.

Requirements for Whippet Adoption

Adopting a Whippet requires meeting certain conditions to look after the pet’s welfare. First, potential owners need to assess their ability to meet the breed’s specific needs and exercise requirements.

Whippets are energetic dogs needing regular physical activity for their health. They also need enough room to move about, so a large space is advised.

It’s worth mentioning that Whippets, especially those from shelters, form strong bonds with their owners. As a result, they can suffer from separation anxiety if frequently left alone. So, regular companionship is vital for their emotional health.

Why Rescue a Whippet?

Rescuing a Whippet lets you give a needy dog a loving home. This often improves their life with newfound safety and comfort.

Adopted Whippets usually have basic training. This makes it easier for them to fit into your household and reduces the need for extra training.

Choosing to adopt is often cheaper than buying a new dog. This makes it a cost-effective choice.

Adoption helps fight against unethical breeding practices, like puppy mills. It promotes animal welfare.

Rescuing a Whippet can create a special bond. These dogs often show a lot of gratitude and affection towards their rescuers.

Tips for Successful Whippet Rescue Hampshire

Knowledge: Learn about the Whippet breed and its specific needs before adopting.

Interaction: Spend time with the Whippet at the rescue centre to ensure a good fit.

Setup: Make a comfortable environment with necessary items such as food, toys, and a cosy sleeping area.

Empathy: Remember that some Whippets may have past traumas leading to behavioural problems. Empathy and patience are key in building a bond.

Education: If behavioural issues persist, consider enrolling your Whippet in training sessions.

Community Engagement: Join Whippet-focused online communities like Facebook groups and forums for updates and advice.

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