Whippet Rescues Birmingham: Directory Guide 2023

This page provides a comprehensive list of whippet rescues in Birmingham, updated for 2023 with links and contact details. If you’re interested in:

  • Finding whippet rescues or adoption centres in Birmingham in 2023
  • Understanding which whippet adoption methods to try first
  • Getting links, emails and phone numbers to begin immediately

Then this guide is for you. Let’s begin.

Birmingham Whippet Adoption Quick Info

  • Typical UK Whippet Adoption Cost: £50-400.
  • Whippet Adoption Methods available in Birmingham:
    • Whippet-specific rescue organisations
    • Facebook groups
    • Local shelters
    • National organisations
    • Classified ad sites
  • Areas covered: Aston, Balsall Heath, Bartley Green, Billesley, Birchfield, Boldmere, Bordesley, Bournbrook, Bournville, Brandwood, and Bromford.

Whippet-specific Rescue Organisations

Whippet-specific rescue organisations are a great place to start if you’re looking to adopt a Whippet or Whippet mix. These groups are dedicated to the wellbeing of this specific breed. They often have a range of Whippets, making it more likely you’ll find a purebred.

Their specialised knowledge also means they fully understand the breed’s unique needs. This provides potential adopters with essential advice. As you look through the directory below, bear in mind these organisations’ commitment to Whippets.

JR Whippet Rescue

Greyhound Protection UK – Whippet Rescue

Whippet Rescue UK

  • Description: Whippet Rescue UK is a trust that showcases dogs ready for adoption on their Facebook page, and can be contacted via mobile or landline.
  • Website: http://www.whippetrescueuk.org/
  • Phone: +44 7789 260207
  • Address: Whippet Rescue UK Trust

Just Whippets Rescue


Mixed Breed Birmingham Rescue Shelters

Birmingham is home to a wide variety of mixed breed rescue shelters. Some are local, others are national with local branches. These organisations look after all animal breeds, not just Whippets. This might mean you need to put in a bit more work to find a Whippet.

To make the most of this directory, think about contacting the shelters by phone or email to ask about Whippet availability. This active approach can make your search easier and bring you closer to bringing a new Whippet into your home.

Birmingham Dogs Home

  • Description: A long-standing organisation since 1892, caring for around 2,500 homeless dogs in the Midlands every year, with a focus on rescuing, reuniting, and rehoming.
  • Website: https://birminghamdogshome.org.uk/
  • Phone: 0121 643 5211 
  • Address: Birmingham Dogs Home, Catherine-de-Barnes Lane, Catherine-de-Barnes, Solihull, B92 0DJ

Wythall Animal Sanctuary

  • Description: A Birmingham-based animal rescue organisation that has been dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals since 1968.
  • Website: https://www.wythallanimalsanctuary.org/
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +441564823288
  • Address: Middle Lane, Kings Norton Birmingham

Holly Trees Boarding and Rescue Centre, Birmingham

Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

  • Description: A volunteer-run rescue organization established in 1989, specializing in greyhounds and lurchers, and always in need of whippet collars and box muzzles.
  • Website: https://lurcher.org.uk/
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +44 1386 853971

The Mayhew

Dogs Trust Kenilworth

Birmingham Animal Centre

West Midlands: Bromsgrove rehoming centre

Local Facebook Pages and Groups

Joining local Facebook groups can help you find a Whippet to adopt or rescue in Birmingham. These online communities frequently post about Whippets needing a home. They provide a place for potential adopters to connect with rescuers.

To get the most from these groups, think about setting up notifications. Then, you’ll be alerted straight away when new posts are made. This gives you the opportunity to respond fast.

But, these platforms are not just for finding a pet. They’re also for sharing experiences and advice with other Whippet enthusiasts.

The Midland Whippet Club

Whippet Rescue UK

Daybreaks Trust Chat Group

Classified Ad Listings For Whippets in Birmingham

Online classified ad listings are a useful tool for Whippet rescues in Birmingham. These websites let users post and look for specific breeds such as Whippets.

You can browse these listings and refine your search based on location, age, or other criteria. This makes it easy to find Whippets ready for adoption or rescue.

These platforms are a great way to link future pet owners with their perfect Whippet companions.






About Whippet Adoption and Rescue in Birmingham

Whippet adoption and rescue in Birmingham involve bringing a Whippet from a shelter or rescue group into your home. This way, they become a loved family member. Often, these Whippets end up in shelters due to situations like abandonment, neglect, or their owners not being able to look after them.

When you choose to adopt, you commit to the Whippet’s well-being. Some shelters may oversee this responsibility, particularly if the dog has suffered severe neglect.

How Whippet Rescue Works

Whippet Rescue acts as a lifeline for Whippets ending up in shelters. This often happens when owners can’t meet their special needs and high energy levels. These rescue groups actively look for and remove Whippets from these situations, aiming to find them better homes.

The adoption process usually starts with an online search for shelters or rescue centres with Whippets ready for adoption. Potential adopters need to fill out an adoption application form. After this, they get in touch with the rescue organisation to arrange a visit.

Requirements for Whippet Adoption

Adopting a Whippet is a serious decision. Future owners need to assess their ability to meet the breed’s needs. These include regular exercise because of their lively nature.

A suitable environment is also vital. Whippets need enough space to move and play.

Moreover, adopting a Whippet from a shelter often means bringing home a dog that forms strong bonds. This could cause separation anxiety if the pet is often left alone.

You need to understand these requirements to ensure a good relationship with your new Whippet companion.

Why Rescue a Whippet?

  • Rescuing a Whippet offers them a loving home and a chance at a better life.
  • Adopting a Whippet often means they are already vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped, reducing initial veterinary costs.
  • Rescued Whippets can offer companionship and unconditional love, enriching the lives of their new owners.
  • Adopting a Whippet can help reduce the demand for puppies bred in inhumane conditions.
  • Rescuing a Whippet can instil a sense of fulfilment and pride in providing a home to a dog in need.

Tips for Successful Whippet Rescue Birmingham

  • Understanding: Gain comprehensive knowledge about Whippets and their specific requirements before making the commitment to adopt.
  • Interaction: Allocate time to interact with the Whippet at the shelter or rescue, enabling you to assess your mutual connection.
  • Home Setup: Ensure that your home is equipped with essentials like toys, food, and a cozy resting space before bringing the Whippet home.
  • Empathy: Realize that some rescued Whippets may have faced distressing situations, resulting in behavioural challenges. Empathy and patience are crucial for establishing trust.
  • Guidance: If your Whippet exhibits persistent behavioural problems, consider professional training sessions.
  • Community Engagement: Participate in Whippet-centric online groups and forums for regular updates and expert advice.

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