Whippet Catahoula Mix: Ultimate Guide

When you cross the Louisiana Catahoula with the agile whippet, you’ll get the whippet Catahoula mix or Whippoula, a watchful, loving, independent, and loyal companion.

The Whippoula tends to be bigger and more muscular than many other whippet mixes.

The Catahoula leopard dog is a working canine breed that is powerful and has varying patterns and colours on its coat.

Additionally, it has striking and appealing eye colours. Some Catahoulas have different coloured eyes, which further increases this breed’s appeal.

On the other hand, the whippet is an affectionate and energetic dog with a narrow snout and rose-shaped ears. The whippet is closely related to the Italian greyhound, and it is the planet’s fastest accelerating dog.

This guide will look at the whippet Catahoula mix, its history, appearance, temperament, health, and care requirements.

By reading this guide, you’ll understand more about this whippet mix and by the end have an idea if it’s the ideal dog for you.

What Is A Whippet Catahoula Mix?

The whippet Catahoula mix is a medium-large canine obtained by crossbreeding the whippet and Catahoula leopard dogs.

This powerful yet loyal canine can weigh up to 90lbs when it matures. Early socialisation is critical to ensure you have a loving and well-tempered companion.

This whippet mix is an excellent family pet choice as it is both affectionate and assertive. The whippet Catahoula hybrid naturally tends to be territorial, a trait obtained from its Catahoula parent.

The whippet Catahoula hybrid can live for 12-14 years. Since both parents are active dog breeds, you’ll have to provide adequate exercise to ensure it doesn’t develop behavioural issues.

Caring for this hybrid dog is unexacting because it is low maintenance in terms of grooming and care.

History Of The Whippet Catahoula Mix

The Whippoula is a reasonably new hybrid dog. Most individuals believe it started appearing during the 1980s when the demand for hybrid dogs increased exponentially.

Since the Whippoula doesn’t have a long, rich history, here is a detailed look at the history of its parent breeds.

By understanding the history of the whippet and Catahoula, you can understand what makes the Whippoula so special:

The Whippets History

The whippet is a sighthound that’s popularity is only second to that of the greyhound. This breed’s story began in Victorian England.

During this period, coal miners in northern England who loved dog racing started breeding the whippet as a smaller and more economical alternative to the greyhound.

The whippet initially served as a rabbit coursing dog. Although people abolished this event after animal cruelty claims arose, the whippet continued to race and compete in lure coursing.

As the whippet started to win numerous competitions, people dubbed it; The Lightning Rag Dog because it could reach breathtaking speeds of approximately 35 miles per hour.

During the 20th-century, textile workers immigrating to the US brought the first whippets to the country, and whippet racing instantly became popular.

The first Whippet Kennel Club appeared in 1903, and this kennel produced the first American Whippet Champion.

Nowadays, the whippet is a loving family dog that is most often spotted lounging on the couch. However, once you take it for a run, you’ll undoubtedly see its outstanding agility and speed.

The Catahoulas History

The Catahoula is an American working dog breed that originated from Louisiana. Historians believe that this canine breed descended from mastiffs, greyhounds, and Native American dogs during the 16th century.

The Catahoula gained its iconic name during the 19th century. This name has a close association to the Catahoula Lake area, located in central Louisiana.

According to historical reports, the Bowie brothers, Jim and Rezin, who lived with other family members in Catahoula during the 1800s, started to like this dog and bred it.

The Bowie brothers used their Catahoula dogs as guard and hunting companions as they ventured into frontier life in the then wild Catahoula region. Early Catahoulas herded cattle and hunted wild hogs, making them an active working breed.

In 1976, the Catahoula leopard dog became the official state dog of Louisiana. Although the AKC has never officially recognised this canine, the Foundation Stock Service added this breed to its records in 1996.

Whippet Catahoula Mix Appearance

The whippet Catahoula mix is larger and more muscular than the average whippet and can weigh 50-90lbs. The Whippoula measures 20-24 inches at the shoulder level, meaning it is a medium-large dog.

This whippet mix has a broader snout compared to its whippet parent. It can have a white streak extending from the head to the prosternum region, a marking found in most whippets. Additionally, the Whippoula can have a melanistic mask.

Depending on what traits the whippet Catahoula hybrid inherits, it can have V-shaped, rose-shaped, or semi-prickled ears.

The Whippoula can have a brindle coat or tiger stripe coat when it comes to markings and colours.

It can also have colour points that may appear on the canine’s ears, chest, legs, belly, and cheeks in a leopard pattern.

This whippet mix will tend to carry its tail slightly upward instead of downwards and between the hind legs like in the whippet.

Whippet Catahoula Mix Temperament

When you crossbreed these two dogs, you can get a mixture of temperaments associated with the two-parent dog breeds.

However, the whippet Catahoula hybrid tends to display more of a Catahoulas disposition, but it is still as energetic and loving as the whippet.

This whippet mix is alert, independent, and protective. This canine can be wary of strangers but loving towards family members.

Socialising your Whippoula at an early age helps to prevent territorial and shy behaviour. It loves playtime and companionship, so it would be best if you spent time with your whippet Catahoula mix and ensure that he lives indoors.

The overall temperament of your whippet Catahoula hybrid will largely depend on the heredity of genes, its socialisation, and training level.

Therefore it is best to procure a middle-of-the-road Whippoula puppy that isn’t too shy or aggressive towards its littermates. From there, you can develop your puppy into the kind of companion that you prefer.

Whippet Catahoula Mix Health

Mixed dog breeds such as this whippet catahoula mix have a larger gene pool compared to purebred dogs.

Therefore they tend to be healthier and live longer due to their robust genetic diversity. However, crossbreeds are also susceptible to ailments that plague their parents.

You can ensure you get a healthy puppy by procuring your whippet Catahoula hybrid from a creditable breeder.

This way, you can avoid genetic ailments associated with the parent breeds. However, the whippet Catahoula hybrid can be susceptible to the following canine diseases.

Demodectic Mange

Demodectic mange is a disease caused by two different parasitic mites. The primary symptom of this parasitic infection is fur loss that occurs in patches.

It typically begins on the forehead and then spreads to other areas. A vet can diagnose a mange infection and treat it with topical ointments and creams.

Pulmonic Stenosis

Pulmonic stenosis is a cardiac disease that occurs due to a defect in the semilunar valve leading to an irregular heartbeat and exercise intolerance.

Since pulmonic stenosis is a congenital disease, you can avoid it by ensuring you get your whippet Catahoula hybrid from a reputable breeder.


Hypothyroidism is a condition that frequently affects Catahoulas, and it can also affect its mixes, such as the Whippoula. Signs that your canine has hypothyroidism include weight gain, aggression, and susceptibility to skin ailments.

Whippet Catahoula Mix Care

Caring for your whippet Catahoula hybrid is a responsibility that involves several routine practices that include grooming, feeding, training, and exercise.

On top of these practices, you’ll need to provide habitable living conditions such as a dry, draught-free, and comfortable place to rest. Here are the specific care requirements that you’ll provide for this hybrid dog.

Grooming Requirements

Apart from bathing your Whippoula every 4-8 weeks, you’ll need to trim its nails and check its ears for debris and wax. Also, it would help if you cleaned your whippet Catahoula mix’s teeth at least thrice per week.

Feeding Requirements

Providing high-quality dog food should be enough for your whippet Catahoula mix.

You can get this high-quality canine food by preparing it at home (after consulting your vet) or purchasing commercially produced dog food. Also, ensure you provide clean, fresh drinking water for hydration.

Training Requirements

Since the whippet Catahoula mix is an independent and intelligent canine, you’ll have to provide appropriate and early training.

This way, your furry companion can understand its role in your home. This way, you can avoid behavioural issues such as separation anxiety and unruly behaviour.

Exercise Requirements

The whippet Catahoula mix has copious amounts of energy, and you’ll need to keep it busy to prevent destructive behaviour.

You’ll have to exercise your Whippoula for at least 45-60 minutes daily by going for walks. Mentally stimulating games are also essential to keep energy levels low.

Final Thoughts

The whippet Catahoula crossbreed is an intelligent and loyal dog that is loving and protective towards its family.

If you want a canine that loves playing and spending time with you, the whippet Catahoula hybrid is an excellent choice for you.

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