Do Whippets Attach To One Person?

One common temperament about whippets is their high need for attention, cuddling, and willingness to please. This type of dog is a member of sighthounds, which are well known for being free-thinkers and usually don’t care about pleasing their owners.

However, this is different for whippets. They’re sweet-natured and passive at the same time, yet very agile and athletic. But, do whippets attach to one person or become clingy due to their temperament?

In a way, yes and also no. Yes, whippets are generally loving, even-tempered, and love snuggling, but for him to become too fond of you, there must be a stronger bond that you, of course, develop with time.

In this article, we’ll discuss why do whippets attach to one person, how they choose their favourite person, and tips to enhancing the bond you’ve with your whippet.

Whippets Personality

If you see a whippet for the first time, you’ll think that dogs of this breed are nervous, skinny, fragile, and unable to come back off the lead. But this isn’t true; whippets are highly affectionate, playful, versatile, intelligent, responsive, and confident.

They love being around people and spending time with family, either in the house or outside playing. While indoors, whippets love curling up in their owners on the couch or seclude themselves in a quiet and peaceful corner, napping or relaxing.

In the dog world, whippets are described to be wild and wicked clowns, and having a whippet will always make you laugh. If you own a whippet, be sure to take him to more running games and exercise him more vigorously in short bursts daily.

Whippet pups are usually naughty and destructive, but they become more calm, unobtrusive, and undemanding as they get older. They love to be on furniture; therefore, having a whippet can be slightly daunting for you if you find this trait offensive.

Dogs of this breed are polite with visitors; hence it’s easy for them to get accustomed to noises and people when still young. They’re also non-violent with other dogs but not trustable with smaller pets since they have a more prey drive.

As much as whippets are slightly stubborn, they’re highly affectionate and sensitive too. The best way to train your whippet is through upbeat training with more treats and praise.

How Whippets Choose Their Favourite Person

To enjoy the feeling of owning a whippet, you should bond with it as much as possible. And for whippets, achieving this goal is quite simple due to their nature.

There are so many ways and reasons why do whippets attach to one person. The most common factors affecting the bond you’ve with your dog are the attention you give him, socialisation, your personality, and positive association.

On personality, whippets have a direct ticket; their character is excellent and highly accommodative.

Most individuals usually think that being a dog’s caregiver will make them their dog’s favourite person, which isn’t true. It can be the dog sitter, dog walker, or even a neighbour.

I’m sure no one wants to bring a dog to their home only to bond more with their neighbour. But can you make a dog choose you as his/her favourite person? How do whippets attach to one person? Can you change their minds to love you?

Yes, dogs choose their favourite person, they get attached to one person, and you can change their mind to be fonder of you. Here are several ways your whippet chooses his/her favourite person;

Socialisation Is Key

Whippets are highly sensitive and have incredibly receptive minds, mainly when they are 1-6 months old. Therefore, anyone who socialises with him more during this stage will bond with him more, whether you, your brother, neighbour or spouse.

During this stage, whippet puppies are very approachable and observative, and the social experience they get when young usually influence them even they get older. Therefore, if you want your whippet to choose you as his favourite human, then socialize with him more.

It’s also advisable to expose your puppy to more positive interactions with other people, family members, places, and other things for him not to be isolated and bored when you’re not around.

If you adopted an adult whippet, you must be wondering if it’s too late for you to bond with your dog. Well, you’re not; if you socialize with him more throughout his life, you’ll definitely become his favourite.

More Attention And Affection Matters

Whippets are well-known to be one of the most loyal and affectionate dogs in the dog family. He will bond more with someone who gives him attention and affection the most, which is why you might see your dog bonding more with your wife than you.

If you see this, don’t be jealous, withdrawn, or something, your dog is simply telling you the affection you give him isn’t enough. Instead, try harder to curve more time for him and get to understand his needs.

Showing attention doesn’t only imply filling his bowels, covering him during cold, and opening the door for him to play outside; it’s more of physical attention/affection. If you become standoffish with him, he’ll do the same too.

If you continuously pat, groom, massage, carry, cuddle, and walk with him, he’s more likely to come back for more, and if he gets the affection every time he approaches you, you’ll become his best buddy.

Associate Positively With Your Whippet

Besides attention, socialisation, and affection, whippets sometimes play favourites due to associations. Meaning, they can bond more with individuals who give them more good stuff and treats.

For this reason, you might see some dogs bonding more with their neighbours when they don’t even live there. By feeding them, they understand how vital the neighbour is in their existence.

do whippets attach to one person
Image: bbartlomiej

So, are you wondering how do whippets attach one person? Here is the trick: give him more of those liver treats he loves, he’ll always follow you and your commands.

Whippets don’t usually respond well if they don’t have a good association with you. But with a positive association, you’ll develop a positive relationship with your furry buddy too. This trick is essential during training and socialising.

With a reward training technique, potty-training, housebreaking, and teaching your whippet basic commands like sit and stay is quite simple.

Your Personality

Whippets are super active and playful when they’re not sleeping or relaxing. In most cases, a whippet will go for a family member matching his personality and energy level.

He won’t go for someone who always docile and gloomy when he’s all ready and set to play or go outside. For this reason, whippets usually have this one favourite person in the family, who always makes them feel safe, owned, and always give them an open arm every time they want to play or cuddle.

If you always shout at him or send him to his crate whenever he approaches you, he’ll pull away too.

Ways To Strengthen The Bond Between You And Your Whippet

After knowing why do whippets attach to one person and how they choose their favourite person, you must be eager also to understand some of the ways you can enhance the bond between the two of you.

There are various ways to improve your relationship and bond with your whippet. one straightforward way is by spending an upbeat time with him, not necessarily doing anything, for at least 30 minutes.

After all, humans and dogs are all social species, and all of them rely on each other for food, safety, and companionship. Here are various ways to boost the bond you have with your whippet;

  1. Playing with him more often. For example, you can play hide and seek, tug, or fetch.
  2. Training him more often. Training your whippet and reinforcing his old skills offers an excellent opportunity to bond more with him.
  3. Taking him to walks regularly. Since whippets are athletic and highly active, you play with him agility sports. When he’s out of the leash, you can take him to busy places or bigger spaces to socialize with other dogs and people.
  4. Giving him enough and appropriate food is another way to show love. You can give him wholesome proteins, homemade meals, and his other favourite meals.
  5. By massaging and grooming him more often.

During the meals, don’t just put the food in the bowel and leave; try to interact with him; integrate eye contact, playfully tease and pat him gently.

Final Thoughts

Bonding is a natural occurrence between dogs and humans. With this article, understanding why do whippets attach to one person is quite simple. If you care for your whippet more, socialise him, understand his personality, associate and give him helpful/good experiences, he’ll reciprocate and love you back for life, socialize him, understand his personality, associate and give him helpful/good experiences, he’ll reciprocate and love you back for life.

However, over-bonding can also be dangerous for your whippet. If he gets too attached to you to an extent where he can’t survive when you’re away, it’s high time you do something to help him.

You can achieve this through expert help, allowing other family members to hold him, not being over clingy, and less monitoring.

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