This section of the website is dedicated specifically to training your whippet. We have lots of useful tips and tricks you can use to help train your whippet.

When To Start Training A Whippet Puppy

when to start training a whippet puppy

Well-known as ll-purpose dogs,’ a whippet is ideal for individuals looking for either a working or pet dog. They’re incredibly charming, gentle, even-tempered, loving, friendly, athletic, loyal, and intelligent. Even though whippets have an appealing temperament by nature, they need proper training to be excellent and well-behaved furry companions. Most whippet owners, especially starters, usually …

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How To Potty Train Your Whippet

how to potty train your whippet

You have recently decided to acquire a Whippet puppy. Let me congratulate you on an excellent choice of hounds. Whippets make excellent pets. Their athleticism makes them a children’s favourite and their good behaviour makes them a wonderful house pet. The first thing you will want to do is learn how to potty train your …

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Are Whippets Obedient Dogs?

are whippets obedient dogs?

Obedience is one of the most crucial factors that most people consider before deciding which type of dog breed they should keep as their apartment companion. Most dogs aren’t usually born with this virtue; you’ll have to teach them. Some dogs are usually smart, but they’re free thinkers and independent, making them very stubborn. However, …

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How To Crate Train Your Whippet

how to crate train your whippet

Owning a dog is an exciting journey. Most people, however, have trouble in choosing the right kind of breed and environment when purchasing a dog. This article gives you a concise introduction to one of the most beloved dog breeds; the Whippet. You will learn about the breed’s history, its peculiar personality traits, its dietary …

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Are Whippets Easy To House Train?

are whippets easy to house train?

Whippets are well-known for their willingness to delight their families and have a higher intelligence level than many other breeds, making them a very easy and fun dog breed to house train. Some dog lovers claim that this type of dog breed is usually clean like cats, and if they’re whelped under a hygienic environment, …

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How To Train Your Whippet To Sit

how to train a whippet to sit

Whippets aren’t easily trainable and quick at picking up things like the German shepherds and border collies. If it’s your first time to own a whippet, training it on various basic commands like staying, sitting, and coming can be a bit daunting, especially if you haven’t a clue where and how to start. If you’ve …

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Do Whippets Bark A Lot?

do whippets bark a lot?

Whippets are well known for their loving nature and ability to run incredibly fast. In fact, they are the second fastest breed of dog on the planet, being able to run at speeds of up to 35mph. Whippets were once regarded in high value for their exceptional hunting skills, as they are part of the …

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