Whippet Rottweiler Mix: A Detailed Guide

The whippet and rottweiler crosses are loving and agile designer dogs you can easily fall for. They pick up some of their parents’ best features and traits, making them highly unique and charming dogs.

Whippet rottweiler mixes are naturally resilient, protective, and hardworking dogs, characteristics they get from their working Rottweiler parent.

However, you shouldn’t mistake their strength for unruly and scary canines. On the contrary, these designer dogs are gentle, loving, friendly, and loyal companions. They have the confidence and protective nature of the rottweiler and other exciting features from both parents.

But how do they genuinely look and behave? Do they have the whippet’s or Rottweiler’s traits? Are their care requirements similar to those of their parents? Please keep reading to find out.

This article provides detailed information about whippet rottweiler mixes to help you understand if it’s the right dog for you and how to care for these dogs properly.

What Is A Whippet Rottweiler Mix?

Commonly referred to as a Whiprott, the whippet rottweiler mix is a dog breed developed by mixing a purebred whippet and a rottweiler.

They are great options for someone looking for a larger whippet version with Rottweiler’s traits and temperaments.

With highly energetic parents, Whiprotts are naturally agile and muscular dogs. So, they require adequate daily exercise and mental stimulation to live comfortably and happily.

In addition, they’re generally full of energy and need a spacious and well-fenced field to run in without hindrances.

Like other mixed dog breeds, whiprotts usually have mixed traits and personalities that they get from their parents.

Here’s a short piece of information about whippets and rottweilers to help you learn more about their mixes’ origin.

The Whippet

Whippets are popular sighthounds well-known for their tremendous speeds. The primary reason for breeding these dogs was to hunt and race. Their origin dates back to the late 18th century in England; however, shreds of evidence show they existed even before then.

Although they’re energetic and playful dogs, whippets are also calm and highly affectionate dogs. Some people still use them for competitions like lure coursing, rallies, and agility. However, most owners tame them as family companions.

A whippet will love playing and running with you, and also those lengthy cuddling and relaxing if they get the chance. Their medium size, even temper, tranquillity, feistiness, and good character make them one of the most preferred dog breeds today.

Whippets are excellent family companions, but they need enough exercise and proper training to be obedient and disciplined dogs.

The Rottweiler

Originally, rottweilers, also called Rotties or Rotts, were produced to help lead cattle to the market, and they originated in Germany.

Later on, butchers and farmers used them to pull their carts. They were also popular police dogs and served diligently in the military.

Rottweilers are also excellent family dogs and guardians. However, new dog owners should be wary of the intense strength.

Nevertheless, with skilled care, socialisation, and training, Rotties can be a great companion that you’ve learn to love and cherish.

These dogs are usually sturdy and muscular, with loyal, loving, gentle, and affectionate personalities. They’re lovers at heart, with warm, dark-brown eyes that openly portray their fearlessness, courage, tenacious yet mellow expression.

Rotts can be aloof when around strangers, but they won’t run or become timid. Instead, they usually remain composed and head high in new environments and situations.

Unlike the whippets, Rotties are excellent watchdogs and guardians. They’ll ferociously defend their families from attack and are excellent guard dogs.

Therefore, it’s advisable to channel this protective nature and tremendous strength in early training and socialisation with a firm and consistent leadership.

Whippet Rottweiler Mix Temperament

Whippet rottweiler mixes are gentle, and affectionate canines with dynamic energy and muscular bodies. These dogs will be happy in active homes where they can get the exercise and stimulation they need.

They’re also sensitive and loving canines that enjoy spending most of their time with their owners. Therefore, besides those daily exercises and training, your whiprott will appreciate cuddling with you routinely.

Whippet rottweiler mixes tend to develop separation anxiety and get destructive when they’re alone for long periods. As a result, they may be unsuitable companions for people who can’t offer them the companionship and love they crave.

Your whippet Rottie mix can also be protective like the Rottweiler parent. It may also be territorial and aggressive if not well-trained or socialised.

They can become dominant and unruly if you don’t show them assertive and consistent leadership or fail obedience train, supervise, and socialise them.

Their strong will, independent nature, and intelligence make them a relatively complex breed to train. However, with positive reinforcements and proper training techniques, training your whiprott will be much easier.

Whippet Rottweiler Mix Appearance

Whippets have a medium size, while Rottweilers are usually large. A standard whippet can weigh around 25-15 pounds, standing at about 18-22 inches in height. Rotts measure approximately 95-130 pounds, with a height of 24-27 inches.

Therefore, you can expect your whiprott pup to be slightly larger than the whippet when fully grown. Its weight can range between 30-130 lbs depending on its age, health, diet, hereditary factors, and general care.

Whiprotts have short coats like their parents, which can be rough or coarse depending on which parent has the most dominant genes. Whippets usually have sleek and elegant coats, while Rotties have rough double-coated skins.

Rotts have black coats with rusty mahogany-coloured markings on the ears, eyes, cheeks, chest, legs, and sides of their muzzles. On the other hand, whippets come in vast coat colours, including white, black, tan, cream, fawn, blue, and brindle coats.

Therefore, Whiprotts can inherit any of their parents’ coat colours and patterns.

Whippet Rottweiler Mix Health

Designer dogs can inherit some of the health issues common in their parents’ gene pool. Both whippets and Rotties are vulnerable to different health conditions.

Whippets tend to get eye issues, deafness, anesthesia sensitivity, and von Willebrand’s disease. On the other hand, the Rottweiler is more likely to get exposed to hip and elbow dysplasia, osteosarcoma, bloat, aortic stenosis, allergies, hypothyroidism, and panosteitis.

Poorly bred dogs tend to suffer from congenital infections. Therefore, for a healthier and resilient pup, you should consider purchasing your dog from a reputable breeder who can provide you with health certification for the puppy and its parents.

Ensuring your pup gets all its jabs and regular vet check-ups can significantly boost your canine’s health. You should not delay taking your dog for a medical check-up when it’s sick. A proper diet is also crucial for a healthy and happy pup.

Caring For A Whippet Rottweiler Mix

All dogs require proper care to be happy dogs and be fun companions. The basic caring requirements for canines aren’t very different from that of humans.

They need food, sleep, medical care, grooming, training, exercising, attention, and socialisation to live happily and comfortably.

Whippet Rottie crosses are generally easy to groom. Their short coats only require occasional washing and weekly brushing to shine and remain detangled without mats. However, you should obtain a well-functioning vacuum cleaner to clean up the fur they shade.

Whiprotts inherit this shedding from the rottweiler parent, which is naturally moderate shedders. Rottweilers tend to shed even more during fall and spring, and so do their mixes. Dental care, nail trimming, and pest control are also essential for your puppy.

Whiprotts will need daily exercising to keep down the excess energy levels in their bodies. Adequate activities and plays help to keep your dog fit, mentally stable, and non-destructive.

Whiprotts require adequate training to be obedient canines. However, they’re slightly difficult to teach. It would be best to show them you’re in control and the master for them not to take the dominant position.

Shorter, engaging, and enjoyable training sessions always work better than long and dull lessons. Remember to include some treats for reinforcing good behaviours and constantly praise your dog when it acts appropriately.

Their eagerness to please and physical challenges make them slightly easier to train. Early socialisation and sufficient exercising are crucial for these dogs.

They need to interact with people and pets as much as possible, something they get from busy parks, doggie daycares, and kindergartens.

Proper food, clean water, and ample sleep are vital needs for dogs. They require a balanced diet and a comfortable, warm sleeping area to rest after long hours of activities and plays.

The best food and correct food amount for your pup may vary with its age, activity level, health, and other factors.

It’s advisable to ask a vet to guide you on adequate dog feeding to avoid overfeeding or underfeeding it. It’s best to include both raw and commercial foods in your pup’s diet. Glucosamine, chondroitin, and fish oil supplements are essential for whiprotts due to their vulnerability to dysplasia.

A whippet Rottie cross can live for around 8-15 years with proper care, providing you with endless love, protection, and the company you want.

Final Thoughts

Whippet rottweiler mixes are perfect family pets and guardians. They are naturally friendly, loyal, outgoing, playful, and loving canines that need adequate exercise and entertainment to be mentally stimulated and fit.

They’re also sensitive dogs that require constant attention and love to thrive. Your whiprott is a perfect snuggly partner and the best hiking, running, and walking companion.

However, this dog may be a wrong choice for inactive homes and owners who can’t play with them or give them the exercise and training they need.

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