Whippet Boxer Mix: The Whipoxer Guide

It’s quite common for dog lovers to want a Whippet and Boxer dog as a home companion. These two types of dog breeds have somewhat similar characteristics even though they’re totally different breeds.

Deciding whether you want to be a whippet owner or a boxer owner can be quite difficult. But we have a solution! Why not opt for a beautiful cross breed known as the Whipoxer? A Whippet Boxer mix!

Whippet boxer mixes are also known and whipoxers, and they’re great canine companions for anyone looking for a unique and athletic dog.

Keep reading to find out more about the Whipoxer and its temperament, appearance, lifespan, health, grooming, and much more.

What Is A Whippet Boxer Mix (Whipoxer)?

Whipoxers are whippet mixes crossbred from a boxer dog and a whippet. Initially, whippets were reproduced to serve mainly as hunting and racing dogs.

The whippets’ agility, strength, and speed are almost everything boxers are not, explaining why whipoxers are incredibly unique, joyful, and admirable.

Whippet boxer mixes are super fun to be around, just like whippets. They have both the whippet’s appeal and calmness, whilst also having the charm of their boxer parent.

Therefore, this whippet mix is one of the best dog breeds for those looking for the best of both the whippet and boxer dog, a highly energetic, playful dog that is great fun for all of the family.

The Appearance, Size & Weight Of A Whippet Boxer Mix

Whipoxers are strong, muscular, and short-coated dogs. Since they are still a relatively new breed, there’s not much information out there about these dogs, but thankfully I’ve had the pleasure of being around one for many years as my family member owns two Whipoxers.

The Whippoxer has a robust Boxer-like frame whilst still maintaining the agility of the whippet. They are usually larger and more powerful than purebred whippets as they have half of the boxers DNA which beefs them up.

They’re also very playful dogs that have long legs, making them exceptional sprinters. That being said, you may also find that some of these dogs have the head of a boxer and a whippet-like frame.

Unlike most whippet mixes that usually have a particular and more pristine path to follow, this isn’t the case for the Whippet boxer mix. Whipoxers’ appearance and size usually vary; that’s why they are unique and interesting canines to own.

An average whippet boxer mix weighs about 25-80 pounds and has a height of 24-30 inches, with a lifespan of about 10-15 years.

Whipoxers have fleshy noses and they can sometimes inherit the Boxer’s flat brachycephalic nose. The whippet’s long nose usually tries to conceal this feature as well as health problems associated with it.

Temperament And Behaviour Of A Whippet Boxer Mix

Predicting the behaviour and personality of a whippet boxer mixes isn’t easy. They usually have a combination of characteristics from both parents, making them calm but very energetic. However, you can always train them to behave the way you desire.

Their unpredictable behaviour can scare you at first, thinking they are problematic canines to deal with. But that’s simply not true. Whipoxers are very energetic and usually need lots of love and attention, just like whippets. They love cuddling, relaxing, and hugging like their Boxer parent, making them perfect for affectionate dog owners.

Whipoxers are dogs that enjoy running around the whole day and need a warm and pleasant resting area at night for a comfortable sleep.

These dogs can enjoy living with individuals who can create enough time for them during the day and cuddle and pamper them at night.

If you’re planning to get a puppy that sits and lounges around all day, whipoxers aren’t the best choice for you. If left alone for a while they can become restless and bored, and this is when they can tend to be quite destructive.

Due to the Boxer bloodline, whipoxers might have a low desire to chase prey. However, the whippet’s traits are usually dominant, and they tend to be always on their feet doing something.

This is something to look out for if you decide on a whippet boxer mix, depending on the dog they can have a strong prey drive which means they’ll chase down and hunt prey.

Fitness And Exercise Needs Of A Whipoxer

Since whipoxers are highly energetic and muscular, they require sufficient exercising to be fit and mentally stable. A healthy whipoxer needs at least a 45 minutes’ walk daily. Hence, it’s advisable to get a whippet Boxer mix if you’re committed to giving it enough exercise it requires for its wellbeing.

Therefore, this dog breed can be an excellent companion for individuals looking for a pup to go on runs and long walks with them. It’s usually easy to tell when these dogs are worn out because their whippet side takes over and they’ll switch into their couch potato mode!

A lot of exercising and strenuous activities isn’t good for any dog. If your dog gets tired, you should let it rest and recover before going again to prevent burnout.

Feeding Needs Of A Whippet Boxer Mix

Whippet boxer mixes require plenty of high-quality food to sustain their highly energetic and muscular bodies. Due to genetic disparity, these dog breeds can be hard to feed too.

Whippets and Boxers require different food types and supplements; hence deciding on the best food for your whippet boxer mix can prove daunting. If you’re not sure the food type, quality, and amount to feed your whipoxer, you should ask your vet for advice.

Some of the recommended foods for whipoxers are dog foods rich in fish oils, supplements, and glucosamine. Quality foods help boost the mental and physical growth and wellbeing of your dog.

Whipoxers love eating a lot, so be sure they’re getting the right amount of calories to sustain their lifestyle, whilst ensuring they don’t grow overweight.

These dogs can also be quite greedy, so you’ll need to monitor their intake at mealtimes. Therefore you should always ensure you remove their food bowls after every meal so that your pup doesn’t overfeed. You don’t want him to be obese and develop poor eating habits.

Obesity can cause a whippet Boxer mix to have health problems, such as joint pains and weakening, and become more prone to more ailments associated with obesity and unfitness.

Common Whippet Boxer Mix Health Issues

Whipoxers can suffer from various common ailments that both their parents can suffer from too. Some of the common health concerns in whipoxers are their weak bones and joints. This explains why it’s essential to ensure you get the right foods for your whippet Boxer mix.

These dog breeds are also likely to suffer from ear and eye problems. Therefore, you should take them for vet checks more frequently and ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date. For a fit and healthy Whipoxer, it’s best to ensure you get the dog from a reputable and trustworthy breeder.

The breeder should provide you with all health certificates indicating that your pup was bred from healthy parents and cared for well, and raised in a healthy environment.

Is The Whippet Boxer Mix Aggressive?

No, whippet boxer mixes are not aggressive, yes they can be a little more boistrous than a purebred whippet but they are by no means aggressive dogs.

Dogs are not born aggressive, it’s all about the way you train them and their upbringing, providing they are in a caring, loving home and provide proper training then you won’t need to worry about your whipoxer being aggressive.

A whippet Boxer mix can be an excellent family pet if provided with adequate training and exercise. To effectively control their behaviour, you should start training your puppy early. These dogs are usually jumpy, animated, and playful, particularly the puppies.

As they grow up, whipoxers learn to become calm, gentle, and loyal canines, making excellent house dogs. You can redirect their stubbornness to other constructive activities and training.

Whippet boxer mixes relate well with other pets and kids, but some have been known to be dominant and aggressive, which is rare but certainly something you should be aware of.

They usually get aggressive towards other canines of the same gender as well as prey animals or smaller pets. Some can have a higher prey drive since their parents are highly athletic and excellent hunters.

Luckily, you can teach your whippet boxer mix how to control its prey drive. This dog breed is developed from strong-minded working dogs, they tend to be independent thinkers too. Therefore, whipoxers require a leader who can handle them in a persuasive and upbeat manner.

Boxers are proud yet very sensitive dogs, and the whipoxers can inherit this trait too. Such mixes can even refuse to obey your commands when jerked around. Hence, it’s crucial you obedience train, housebreak, and socialise your whippet boxer mix when still young.

Why Should You Crossbreed Whippets With Boxers?

It’s so hard not to fall in love with a Whipoxer. Their expressive eyes, powerful bodies, intelligence, affectionate, clownish humour sense, and loyalty are just so admirable. Some of the traits of a Whipoxer are below;

  1. Highly affectionate with family and their owners.
  2. They are friendly to kids and other pets.
  3. They’re friendly towards guests
  4. High adaptation to apartment living
  5. Easy to groom
  6. Highly intelligent
  7. They’re affectionate.
  8. They are incredibly energetic and strong
  9. They’re loyal

Combining the above traits with that of a whippet produces an excellent, loving, and charming canine for house sport and other doggy activities such as dog shows.

Is A Whippet Boxer Mix Right For You?

Whipoxers are an excellent option for anyone ready to care and handle this dog to its full potential. They are not the best option for busy individuals who can’t exercise and train them regularly. Whippet boxer mixes are highly energetic. They need adequate exercise to burn off the excess energy and live happily.

They also need to be fed high-quality food with lots of protein to be healthy and comfortable. Your vet can help you develop the best diet and food amount for your whipoxer.

If you want an energized boxer and a relaxed whippet, then a whippet boxer mix can be a great choice. However, you should be careful to select a healthy and well-bred pup from a reputable breeder.

You should also ensure the mix’s parents were healthy and free from any genetic abnormalities to avoid getting an unhealthy dog.

As a whole Whippet Boxer mixes are amazing dogs that are fit for multiple types of dog owners, if you’re torn between a whippet and a boxer then this could be the dog for you.

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