Whippet Beagle Mix: An In-Depth Look

A Whippet Beagle mix is a crossbreed between a whippet and a beagle. The breeder may achieve the mix by either mating two whippet beagles together or by mating a purebred whippet and purebred beagle together. The dog’s size is small to medium, standing at 13 to 15 inches and weighing between 25 and 40 pounds.

The whippet beagles eyes are usually hazel or brown. Ears are floppy and elevated above the forehead and the dog has a short coat that may or may not shed, depending on the dog.

Whippet beagles are generally healthy and can live up to 15 years.

You will find a whippet beagle mix very unique if you have weighed the option of either owning a beagle or a whippet. In some cases, you want the personalities and features of both dogs in one.

Luckily, whippet beagle mixes have been around for a long time and they are very healthy dogs that I’m sure you will love.

The whippet beagle mix brings together the beagle’s strong sense of smell and the whippet’s accurate eyesight to give you a cute medium-sized dog.

The advantage of the crossbreed is that it does not lose the best features from each pure breed and it brings a more detailed personality with high potential for great skills and abilities.


When you think about a whippet beagle mix, picture two affectionate and fast hunting dogs merging into one. The results could be exhilarating, to say the least.

On one hand, you may get a very calm crossbreed that mimics your habits and sticks to your side. On the other hand, you may get an affectionate but highly playful dog that keeps your home lively.

In either case of getting the crossbreed of a whippet and beagle, your dog will have the distinct features of large, hazel, darkish, or brownish eyes, dropping ears elevated over the head, and a short coat that is easy to clean.

The tail does not often tuck into the hind legs, and it may or may not have a whitish tip. The dog rarely wags its tail unless it is communicating something, usually that it’s happy!


The whippet beagle mix is one of the healthiest dogs you could own. When you consider the very low likelihood of losing vision or smell, the crossbreed remains active and healthy for most of its lifespan.

Furthermore, the dog loves to exercise, which makes it healthier and less likely to get a lifestyle-related disease.

Despite having great genetics that may guarantee long-term health, the dog will still face risks for catching diseases from the environment.

When you take it to the vet, consider anaesthesia sensitivity. Do not overexpose the dog to frequent anaesthetic procedures. Your vet will recommend alternatives if you communicate these concerns.

The whippet beagle mix may have allergies that you might discover, but some of them are just fine. Skin allergies may cause irritation and folding in some of the crossbreeds and having more dominant genes from the whippet may cause some food allergies. In most cases, the allergies are not severe, but you should monitor your dog’s specific issue with the help of a vet.

Most of the severe health issues are rare or uncommon among crossbreeds of whippets and beagles. One of the uncommon health problems is a pain syndrome that may come from the hereditary line of a parent beagle.

If your dog constantly appears to be in distress, consider verifying whether body pain is a significant problem.

The other uncommon health issue is tooth overgrowth, which may emerge from the hereditary line of the parent whippet. You are unlikely to encounter this problem, but if you do, consult your vet to understand the best options for dealing with it.

Life Expectancy

A whippet beagle mix will typically live between 10 and 15 years if it attains old age. The lifespan depends on the kinds of health hazards and lifestyle issues that define the dog’s life or its environment.

You can improve a dog’s lifespan with regular health checks, nutrition, exercise, and avoiding hazards.

As a small dog, the whippet beagle mix has the potential for a long life. Such dogs carry less weight and are unlikely to break their feet from bumping into obstacles.

Your dog will live longer if you minimise the risks of injury or deep cuts. In the unfortunate case of a leg injury, the dog may become sedentary or prone to falls and more cuts.

Your whippet beagle mix is unlikely to sustain injuries due to its flexibility and fitness.

Your crossbreed will also live long if you provide proper nutrition. Check the content of dog food and consult a vet to understand whether your dog is getting all the necessary nutrients.

Essential minerals, vitamins, fibre, and other nutrients are key to the dog’s longevity. Monitoring the dog’s nutrition and keeping it hydrated will also improve its chances for a long lifespan.

Essentially, you will understand the dog’s potential for longevity as you take care of it. In some cases, healthy crossbreeds of whippets and beagles last many years before catching any disease.

It is fairly easy to take care of the dog and extend its lifespan because you love it.

How To Spot A Whippet Beagle Mix

You now know a lot about the whippet beagle mix, and you can benefit from tips on how to immediately spot the crossbreed. You will be looking at the dog’s body features and behaviour. It should be pretty easy to spot this dog in a crowd.

Go for the ears and facial features to immediately distinguish the whippet beagle mix from the crowd. The head may be long and narrow but with a shallow dome slopping towards the neck.

The noose is broader than that of a whippet but narrower than that of a beagle, and the eyes are large to medium with thick upper eyelids. The tail is not fury and it curves away from the hind legs.

The dog will have a denser coat than a whippet but finer than a beagle. Due to the whippet’s genes, the crossbreed may not shed a lot. If you can pet the dog, you will realise that its overall aggression is low, but you should only do this with the owner’s guidance.

Now that you can spot the whippet beagle mix with its physical features, you can also monitor its behaviour. However, the behaviour may throw you off if you haven’t already understood the physical features.

The features make you confident that you are seeing a whippet beagle mix, and the behaviour will only tell which breed is more dominant in the crossbreed.

A whippet beagle mix that approaches 15 inches in height and 30 to 40 pounds of weight is likely to have more whippet genes.

The dog may behave more like a whippet, but the ears will show you that it still harbours some beagle genes.

You may also notice that it is more playful or even aggressive, which comes from the beagle parent.

The dog will be playful but highly responsive to commands. The high responsiveness comes from its intelligence since whippets are very smart dogs. Beagles are not very smart but are easy to train.

The crossbreed will be very obedient to commands and might respond well to your calls.

Overall, you can spot a whippet beagle mix based on its small to medium size, long and narrow head, begging eyes, short coat, and low aggression. You may even be able to understand whether it bears more whippet or beagle features.

More About The Whippet Beagle Mix

You may also consider the conditions of living for the whippet beagle mix to understand the dog more.

The crossbreed does well in warm weather conditions, which means that rearing it in very cold climates will not be great.

The dog may appear less active in winter or snowy weather.

If you notice that the dog is overwhelmed by the cold, you may get a dog sweater or jacket. You can check our post out on the best dog coats for whippets for some great recommendations. The dog will do just fine in very warm weather, but be sure to keep it hydrated.

If you want to crossbreed for such special purposes as therapy, this may not be the best selection. You can consult a specialist in dog therapy to understand the options for a trained crossbreed and whether this dog can serve your purpose.

Other Considerations

Like many other crossbreeds, the whippet beagle mix may come from breeders with different ethical standards.

You should make some effort to understand their policies and scope the place out before you buy the dog.

Over-breeding exhausts the parent dogs and can cause your pet to have health complications later on in life such as anxiety.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely get a crossbreed of a whippet and a beagle if you like the features. When you get your dog, make effort to understand its background and source and its nutrition. You will have an amazing experience with this dog.

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