How To Deal With A Whippet In Heat

When you see your little canine friend with her front feet over her eyes looking shy, or she’s crankier and more affectionate than usual, then her heat season is nigh. You’ll be glad to know that only female dogs go into heat; so don’t worry if you have a male whippet.

So, if you’re planning to bring a female whippet home, then knowing how to deal with a whippet in heat is crucial. Handling a dog during their first heat cycle isn’t usually a bed of roses, particularly to first-time owners.

When this time comes, you need to be familiar with what’s to be done and how to handle your dog appropriately, and luckily, this article goes through just that. Read on to discover how to deal with a whippet in heat and other essential whippet mating information.

What Does A Whippet In Heat Mean?

A dog in heat has a higher sexual drive than other usual days. During this period, your dog can become pregnant since her body is clued-up for reproduction. The heating cycle usually lasts for about 21 days and can occur 1-4 times annually.

This time can be very challenging for your whippet as she will go through a range of new emotions that can be tricky for you both to deal with, especially if you do not know how.

How Often Do Whippets Go Into Heat?

Merriam-Webster dictionary describes this season as the period when most female mammals are attracted to the males and can conceive.

Usually, the number of times your whippet goes into heat varies with your dog’s size and its body fat amount. Some healthy whippets experience their first heat at nine months, but it’s very uncommon. Most research indicates that whippets can’t have their first heat cycle before they reach one year old.

The majority of whippets go into heat season when they’re between 1-2 years old. Such whippets usually have two, more or fewer heat cycles every year, with about a 6-9 months duration between the heats.

Those who have their first heat between 2-3+ years are almost reaching the yearly cycling model where the duration between the heats is 11-13 months.

Signs Your Whippet Is In Heat

It’s almost impossible not to notice when your whippet is on heat. They tend to develop a particular trait and signs similar to most dog breeds when they want to mate. Knowing the heating signs in dogs helps you prepare well for her first season. Some of the indications that your whippet is on heat include;

Affection And Crankiness

Your whippet can become over lovely or cranky when on heat. If you see your little companion getting more grumpy, sensitive, and loves to snuggle more than usual, then she must on her season.

Frequent Urination

Dogs tend to urinate more frequently prior to their heating season. During this time, your pup will urinate more often while lifting her leg. This can seem a little strange at first but it’s nothing to worry or be concerned about.


The heating cycles can cause some dogs to become lazy. If you see your whippet is more lazy than usual, chances are she’s in heat. You must be familiar with your dog’s usual energy to know if he’s changing or merely tired from playing or exercising.

Male Dogs Becoming Aggressive

Male dogs don’t go into heat, but they get incredibly attracted to female dogs when they’re on heat. When female dogs are on heat, they usually produce phenomes that arouse the male dogs sexually. Most male dogs become stubborn after smelling or meeting a female dog on heat.

They usually get over-aggressive, refuse to eat, enhance their marking, and track down the female canine on heat during her whole cycle. In case you notice a male pooch following your female whippet, don’t just assume they are fond of each other; sometimes, your furry buddy might be on her cycle.

If you don’t want your whippet to breed just yet, you should ensure to keep her away from male dogs when she’s in heat.

Swollen Vulva

A dog’s vulva usually swells prior to her first cycle. This swelling occurs due to the expansion of the uterus when preparing for pregnancy. The nipples may swell too.

Increase Or Decrease In Apetite

During your whippet’s heating season, she can eat more than usual or lose her appetite. It would be best to take her to a vet to confirm if it’s a health problem. If she’s okay, then she’s on her cycle.

Bloody Discharge

When the female uterus starts to prepare for pregnancy, it usually becomes softer, swell, and produces bloody discharge. You might notice this faster since your dog can’t resist licking that area.

The Changes Whippets Undergo When In Heat

Another term for a dogs heating period is estrus. This cycle usually lasts for nine days but may vary from dog to dog. Most dogs stay in season for about 3-21 days. During this period, female dogs are fully aware of their sexual instincts and easily accept male dog suitors.

Heating seasons are a time of the year when your whippet will be ovulating and very fertile. She may even head out to look for a male canine buddy, which is why you should ensure she should always be on a leash to prevent her from running away.

Always keep a close watch on your whippet when on heat since the males can smell her from a mile away, seriously. Don’t leave unattended in the backyard for extended periods and always keep a close eye on your pooch.

How To Help Your Whippet Through Being In Heat

Living with a dog that’s on heat can become overwhelming to most people. The frequent urination, mood swings, change in eating habits, and running away can make you wish you didn’t have a dog. This is why you should know how to deal with a whippet in heat so that you can handle her easily.

Six Practical Ways To Deal With A Whippet In Heat

Be Patient

Most whippets become overly-clingy and sensitive during their healing period. It’s best to give more time to help ease her and stay incredibly patient. You can spend more time with your dog by snuggling on a couch and watch TV, play or give her those treats she loves to nibble on whilst binging Netflix.

Buy Doggy Pants

Doggy pants are an excellent remedy for your whippet when she’s on heat. Pants help reduces the mess and stop her from getting bodily fluids on your sofa or carpet.

In case your dog hates pants, don’t force her; you can set aside a resting and playing area for her to relax and watch her closely. You don’t want her to get stressed due to many abrupt changes; being on heat can be overwhelming enough for her.

Keep Male Dogs Away

If you let your female entertain male dogs when on heat, she can become pregnant quickly. Therefore, it’s best to keep her away from them by any means possible. Close all doggie routes and entrances in your home that other dogs can use to get in.

You can also apply essential oil that has menthol to confuse the male dogs.


Spaying female pooches help reduce their sexual drive and chances of getting infections. Therefore, you should consider spaying your dog for sensible wellbeing and mental sanity. Nowadays, many vets can spay female dogs even before they reach one year old.

This also eliminates the chances of your dog getting pregnant. Too many litters can be expensive to care for. So unless you have the time and money to raise them, spaying remains an option that you may want to consider.

You’ll also want to avoid taking your whippet to dog parks to play with othr dogs whilst in season, and you may want to invest in a GPS dog tracker so you can always know where your pet is.

Dogs tend to run away when on heat. One of the most practical ways to deal with a whippet when in heat is by ensuring she always has her GPS on for easy tracking when she runs away.

Common Issues Female Whippets Encounter When In Heat

Dogs go through a series of changes and adjustments during their heat seasons. Some of the common heating issues that should be on your radar include;

Silent Heat

A situation where your dog is in heat without you knowing is called silent heating. During this time, your dog can be on her cycle but doesn’t show the signs. Most dogs experience this form of heating before their first heating season.

It’s essential to be careful during such seasons since your dog can still conceive even if the signs aren’t very loud.

Split Heat

A split heat refers to a situation where your dog starts her cycle, then abruptly stops after several days, and then comes again after 2-8 weeks. If your whippet portrays this issue regularly, you should take her to a vet for a check-up.

Prolonged Heat

Female dogs with more estrogen levels in their bodies tend to have prolonged heat periods. Sometimes this issue can indicate that your whippet has a granulosa cell tumor or an ovarian cyst. Therefore, it’s best not to ignore it to prevent your dog’s health from worsening.

Absent Heat

This heat issue is common to dogs with less than two years. It’s a situation where dogs completely skip their heat cycles. Dogs above two years should have consistent heat cycles.

If your whippet’s cycle is not normal after reaching two years, you should go to a vet for a check-up unless if she’s spayed.

Final Thoughts

Familiarising yourself with how to deal with a whippet when in heat is among the major concerns for most female whippet owners.

It’s always not easy, but if you understand how to deal with a whippet in heat properly, your dog won’t be a nuisance and bother when in heat. Handling and caring for your whippet during her seasons won’t be a hassle with the above tips.

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