How To Clean Your Whippets Eyes Safely

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You can clean your whippet’s eyes by gently flushing eyewash in each eye while tenderly holding the dog’s head or petting it. The kind of eyewash and procedure for cleaning will depend on the condition of the eye. If your dog’s eyes are injured or appear very sick, then the vet can clean them for you.

Do you know that every dog deserves an eye cleanse at least once a month? You may clean your eyes with clean hands, but your dog needs some help with that. The eyes get dirty from discharge and particles from the air.

Learning how to clean your whippets eyes safely gives your pet a clearer vision, making it to see you better and enjoy life more. When the eyes begin to clog, you will notice the dog stumbling more or slowing down. A nice clean will pump it up and make it happy again.

Generally, try to distinguish conditions that you can clean from those that require some extra examination. If you notice a constant or frequent discharge from the dog’s eyes, the problem may be an infection, and cleaning may not solve it.

You should also try and be cautious about redness or swelling in the eyes because these symptoms may indicate a different problem. Cleaning irritated eyes will not solve the irritation, and you may need to give the dog extra or specialised care.

If your whippet’s eyes have no clogging or discharge, but the dog appears unable to judge distance or notice toys, consider an eye exam and a vet’s advice before cleaning.

Now that you are aware of the precautions to take in caring for your whippet’s eyes, you will be glad to safely learn why and how to clean your whippets eyes safely.

In reading this article, you will understand the entire eye cleaning process, including its basis, preparing the materials, holding the dog, positioning the dog, flushing the eyes or applying the eyewash, and monitoring the changes.

Why Do Whippets Eyes Need Cleaning?

Whippets are prone to eye problems, and cleaning the eyes can reduce some avoidable problems. Regular eye cleaning will minimise infection risks and improve the conditions for the dog.

It would be best if you also cleaned your whippet’s eyes because every dog deserves clear eyesight. The eyes can clog and distort their vision, making dogs bump into obstacles, which can be a source of injury. Cleaning the eyes helps the dog to avoid hazards in the usual way.

Cleaning the dog’s eyes is also great for preventing infections by reducing bacteria and dirt. Occasionally, bugs get into any pet’s eyes as they do to our eyes, depositing their waste in there too. Eye cleaning helps reduce all such potential sources of infection.

It would be best to clean your whippet’s eyes to reduce dryness when dirt particles and other substances interfere with the normal eye wetness. Removing these substances reduces the chances of damage to regular eye moisture.

When you develop a habit of regularly cleaning your whippet’s eyes, you will be able to catch some problems that you may have missed. Cleaning the dog’s eyes is a very careful process that makes you pay more attention to the dog.

Whippets also need eye cleaning to maintain their cute look. A dog with many eye boogers or stained eye areas can look even better after proper eye cleaning, and the process is straightforward and easy.

How Often Should I Clean My Whippets Eyes?

It would be best if you cleaned your whippet’s eyes with eyewash once every month unless you notice more clogging and dirt in the dog’s eyes. A monthly eye-cleaning with eyewash is alright for a healthy dog that does not tend to expose its head to more dirt than usual.

If your dog has a habit of rubbing its head or forehead in the dirt, its eyes will be dirtier more often. However, you will not need to do weekly eye cleaning with eyewash for your whippet. Instead, it would be best if you tried to address the underlying problem first.

When it comes to simple wiping with eye wipes, you can clean the whippet’s eyes every time you give it a bath. You wouldn’t be probing the eyes in such cleaning and should only wipe gently around the eyes, cleaning the eyelashes and any loosely hanging material.

If your dog has eye infections or health problems that affect the eyes, you should consider cleaning it with a vet’s guidance because this will help you avoid more complications. It would be best if you also tried to understand the cleaning agents’ contents or eyewash to protect your dog from harm.

How To Clean Your Whippets Eyes Safely

The steps to follow for safe cleaning of your whippet’s eyes are simple, but first, obtain the materials. In most cases, you only need eyewash in a dropper. The eyewash or eye rinse is a sterile solution that usually contains saline water or other solutions.

If you have never used eyewash on your dog, consult your vet to select the appropriate one. Now you can simply follow the steps for cleaning the whippet’s eyes.

  1. Get the dog relaxed by petting it, treating it, or holding it in its favourite way. You will have a good understanding of your dog’s preference to ensure that it is comfortable during the entire process.
  2. Press your open palm gently above the upper eyelids of the whippet and slide them up to widen the eyes.
  3. Holding the eyewash dropper with your other free hand, squeeze two drops of the eyewash or eye rinse into each eye. Place one of the drops in one corner of each eye.
  4. After two to five seconds, the eyewash will be uniformly spread over the eye surface.
  5. Release the eyelids and gently press them over the eyes to momentarily close and release the eyes.
  6. Release the dog

You now have performed the most recommended and regular eye cleaning for your whippet. The dog will improve if dirt and dust was the problem.

If you notice any persistent problem related to the dog’s eyesight, you need to consider more specialised eye care. Monitor the changes and stay in touch with your vet.

Other Considerations

You can also wipe the outside of your dog’s eyes with wet eye wipes. In the process of bathing your dog, you can use wipes to rub around the eyes and eyelids.

Try to avoid using excessive force in eye cleaning. When using an eye wipe, you can only remove material from the eyeball without pressing over it.

Whenever you use an eye wipe to remove material from the eyes, you should ensure your hands are clean and dry. It would be best if you folded the wipe to leave a section that can pick up the material from the corners of the eye.

Eye wipes only work with one scoop, and you should discard the wipe once it picks up something. Rubbing it twice can re-introduce the foreign material and worsen the problem.

If you notice large debris that appears to stick and irritate the whippet’s eye, try to be more careful in using the wipes. You should widen the eyes with the gentle upward press over the eyelids and swipe wider over the debris.

A similar wipe should follow a wide gentle swipe that does not remove a particle, debris, or other material to see whether the material moves. If it remains sticky, resort to the eyewash. Flush the eye with eyewash as the final option and seek specialised care if nothing changes.

The most important consideration that you should remember is being gentle, avoiding probing the eyes, never using rigid objects, and keeping the dog comfortable. Once you do it a few times, you will be able to repeat the process with ease.

Therefore, you can either use eyewash or eye wipes to clean your whippet’s eyes. The process applies to non-severe eye problems that do not require very specialised care. In such cases, your dog will brighten up from clearer eyesight.

Final Thoughts

Once you have cleaned up the dog’s eye, you should also remember to monitor its behaviour and ensure it does not stumble or wander around in unusual ways. Your dog should be better off and happier if the cleanup is successful.

The other tip to remember is the contents of the cleaning materials, solutions, and wipes. You are not likely to get harmful eyewash from a physical local store or vet, but you can consult your vet if you suspect allergic reactions to the substances.

You can schedule future eye cleanups and will be glad to know that regular eye cleaning is inexpensive. The eyewashes are very cheap and widely available, and you will also get a variety of eye wipes from online and physical stores.

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