Do Whippets Have Dew Claws?

In this article we go through everything you need to know about dew claws, and answer the question you came here for, do whippets have dew claws?

Whippet dogs are some of the smallest dog breeds on the planet. They usually weigh in at less than 25 pounds and can reach up to 11 inches tall.

These small but fast-moving animals are often used as racing and one of their most notable features is their dew claw, a long nail that grows on the inside toe next to the main paw.

So, do whippets have dew claws?

Absolutely! Yes, whippets do have dew claws. But there is much more to learn than simply if these dogs have dew claws.

Whippets are a breed that is best known for their hunting skills. They have been used to hunt for rats and other small game for many years.

A whippet is not only a good hunter but also an agile one, which means they can jump over various obstacles without any difficulty and are incredibly swift.

Should Whippets Have Their Dew Claws Removed?

The dew claw is used in defense. It helps the dog to grip prey and recover it from the underbrush. It also offers protection to the pad of the foot and can be used to remove ticks and fleas.

While there are certain advantages in removing these claws (keeping them clean, preventing injury), there are also disadvantages (inability to capture prey).

Generally speaking though, a vet will recommend you not to remove them.

Which other dog breeds have dew claws?

There are many different dog breeds that have dew claws on their paws. This includes the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Border Collie, Shetland Sheepdog, and Siberian Husky.

What Is A Dew Claw?

A dew claw is a digit found on the inside of the leg of many animals, including dogs.

It is also referred to as a “false hoof.” The purpose of the dew claw is to protect the animal’s foot from wear and tear.

The dew claw can be found on any animal that has digits – such as cats, cows, pigs, and horses.

Similar to human nails, they are not used for walking but for protection. Some animals have only one dew claw, while others have two or three.

A dew claw is also a claw that is used by animals as a grooming aid and for scratching.

The dewclaw is located on the inside of the animal’s leg, near the ankle, and sits parallel to the other claws in order to give it more flexibility.

Why Do Whippets Have Dew Claws?

Dogs are descendants of wolves, so it makes sense that they would still carry some of their ancestor’s traits.

One such trait is the presence of dew claws on their feet – these claws are a remnant from when dogs were in wolf form.

Some dogs will even inherit the trait for this claw to grow back if it was removed surgically.

Should I Trim My Whippets Dew Claws?

If your dog has dew claws, then it’s wise to trim them down as you would any other nail.

Dew claws are an extension of a dog’s toenail. They can grow so long that they curl around and start poking the animal’s skin or get caught on something and tear off.

Dew claws are also more likely to develop split ends, which will make them more prone to injuries in the future.

Why Do Whippets Sometimes Bite Their Dew Claws?

Dogs bite their dew claws to prevent them from becoming ingrown.

The first thing that a dog does is to lie on its back, so that the paws are facing up.

The second thing that they do is bite the dew claw and hold it in place. If the dog bites too close to the top of where the nail is, then there is a chance that it will cut through and loosen the nail.

When we think about why dogs would want to bite their dew claws, we need to think about how the dog would have evolved over time.

When they were still living in the wild and walking on all fours, it was important for them to have an extra set of claws for defense or hunting prey.

As dogs became domesticated and no longer needed these extra claws, their instincts could have remained unchanged because it was always easy to reach them with their teeth.

Can Dew Claws Hurt Whippets?

Dew claws are a part of the canine anatomy. They are located on the instep of the paw, just in front of the dog’s toenails. They can be removed when they grow too long and become a problem for the dog.

Dew claws are not as sharp or dangerous as cat claws. Whippets have dew claws that grow as long and sharp as their other nails, but because they have no fur on their paws, it is less likely that these dew claws will cause damage to the dog or others in contact with them.

How much does it cost to remove a whippet’s dew claw?

The average price to have your whippets dew claws removed is between £10 and £30 here in the UK.

Final Thoughts

Do whippets have dew claws? Yes, they do.

Catalan Sheepdogs, St. Bernard, Norwegian Lundehund, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Anatolian Shepherd, Estrela Mountain Dog and many others also have dew claws, some even use them to climb trees!

Whippets can be seen as a type of dog that is a cross between the Greyhound and the small terrier. The outcome was a beautiful, sleek and affectionate dog and their dewclaws are typically not visible on the outside, but they are there.

You should regularly trim your Whippet’s dew claws to a healthy length, but it’s not recommended to remove the front dew claws in particular. As mentioned, when in doubt you should check with a qualified veterinarian.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Whippet’s dew claws, and hope it has given you a better appreciation for your thumbs!

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