Should You Let Your Whippet On The Couch?

It’s one of the questions that Whippet owners often get asked, should you let your whippet on the couch?

You see, when people ask whether or not they should allow their dog on the couch, they usually aren’t asking whether or not their whippet is allowed to sit on it.

They are asking whether or not their whippet should be allowed to get up onto the couch in the first place!

After all, isn’t it unhygienic? And what about stains?

It makes sense that people might worry about allowing their dogs up on furniture like this after all these years of being told (and perhaps believing) that dogs belong down on the floor!

First first; let’s find out more about whippets.

The whippet is a medium-sized sighthound dog breed belonging to the hound group. The name derives from an early 17th-century word “whip.”

Whippets were brought to England in the 1800s where they caught on as a popular spectator sport during that time.

Back then, whippets were exhibited at shows along with larger sighthounds like greyhounds and lurchers, but when small dogs became more fashionable, they began to be shown exclusively with them.

Whippets today are still very similar in appearance and behaviour – they’re not too big (females weigh about 20 lbs), but they do require daily exercise (a brisk walk) and playtime.

Do Whippets Like Being On The Couch?

Your whippet will love nothing more than being able to lounge on the couch with you whilst watching TV.

Whippets have a slender build and not much body fat, this means it’s often hard for them to get comfortable. So allowing them on the couch is a sure way to ensure they are comfortable and happy.

They can curl up so tight they look almost spherical, but often times it isn’t enough to be truly comfortable.

If you have a couch your whippet loves then he or she will likely try and sneak on as much as possible.

Can Whippets Jump On The Couch?

A sofa that’s low to the ground is definitely no match for any whippet, male or female.

If your couch sits at a normal height from the floor, there really shouldn’t be a problem with them jumping on and off without injuring themselves.

You may find they make a bit of a racket doing this because most breeds of dogs don’t like their paws touching the surface of furniture, but if you’ve raised your pup correctly it should never be a problem.

Some whippets are able to jump 6-feet fences without hesitation, so they will absolutely manage to jump on your couch to get snug with their owner.

Does Your Whippet Listen If They Need To Get Off The Couch

Another angle to consider is whether your whippet will listen when you ask them to get off the couch.

This can be a real issue with some owners who are not comfortable telling their pets what to do or if your pet does not listen to you.

If you’re familiar with natural training methods, this shouldn’t be an issue as whippets are usually very easy to train.

However, if you’ve tried before and failed then it’s probably best that they don’t share the same couch with you until they’ve learned how to behave appropriately.

If your whippet will listen to you when you ask them to get off the sofa, then there shouldn’t be any issues, providing you’re comfortable with them being on there.

Does Your Whippet Have A Comfortable Dog Bed?

A comfortable dog bed is essential for every whippet. As mentioned above, they are slim dogs that find it hard to get comfortable.

A nice fluffy bed will be an instant hit and it’s suggested that you get them one as soon as possible.

There are heaps of different types and styles available so finding the right one shouldn’t be too hard either.

If you don’t want to allow your whippet on the couch with you, then a comfortable dog bed should suffice.

What Can You Do To Stop Your Whippet From Jumping Up On The Couch?

Funnily enough, the answer is pretty much the same for all dogs… And given that whippets are very intelligent dogs, this should be easy to work out.

Before anything else though, make sure your whippets are always supervised when you’re not around to watch them.

It doesn’t matter where they are in your home, they need to always have someone watching over them at all times. They are crafty dogs that will try to sneak on your sofa when you’re not looking.

In times when I’m leaving the house, I’ll often place something on the sofa to stop Bonnie from jumping up on there, and it works like a charm (sometimes!).

Things To Consider

Below are some considerations you may want to bear in mind if you do decide to let your pooch hop on your couch every now and again.

Added Wear And Tear

As you would expect, having your whippet on the couch will mean there will be added wear and tear to your sofa. This means you may find yourself replacing your sofa earlier than you expected.

Whippets are relatively gentle and clean dogs, so it’s not like they will ruin your sofa completely after a couple of times lounging on your couch, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

Although your couch is normally a place for you to sit back and relax, it may not be as comfortable if your pooch regularly decides to use it as a bed.

Short Period Of Time

One thing that’s worth bearing in mind is that whippets are quite manageable dogs that do not require much attention or exercise during the day.

This means they can stay out of your way for longer periods of time (a few hours), and they should be okay to let on the sofa for this amount of time.

If you typically work away from home all day, then this might be an option for you. After all, you don’t need to let them on the couch 24/7, you can use it as a treat for them every now and again.


If you’ve got a young whippet, you may want to avoid letting them on the couch until you’re confident they can control their bladder.

There is nothing worse than seeing a wee stain on your new sofa after your pooch has sneaked on there.

Usually, whippets will be able to contain themselves at the age of around 1 – 2 years, so you may want to hold off until they are this age.

Buying A Sofa Topper

If you do want to allow your whippet on the couch, but want to ensure that your sofa stays in great condition. Your best option would be to purchase a sofa topper.

Check out the best sofa toppers for whippets money can buy here!

This will keep your sofa protected whilst giving your whippet a comfortable topper to lounge on, which will often be more comfortable than just the couch alone.


If you allow your whippet on your couch, you need to remember that these dogs are not hypoallergenic.

This means that if you have friends or family members that also sit on the same couch, they may suffer from allergies due to the dog hair on the couch.

Having a hoover handy to scoop up the hairs is important if you want to prevent this, or using a sofa topper that is machine washable is also a great idea.

Should You Let Your Whippet On The Couch

To answer the question, my opinion is that you should allow your whippet on the couch every now and again, that is if they are trained and will listen to you when you need them to get off.

If you don’t want your whippet on the couch, then that is also fine and completely your decision.

But it’s a nice treat for them to sit on the sofa with you whilst watching films and chilling. You’ll absolutely need something to protect your sofa from damages if you do want them on there, so please bear this in mind to avoid rips and tears.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post has helped you decide whether or not you will allow your whippet to lounge on your couch. This is circumstantial and will completely depend on your own personal preferences.

Some owners decide never to let their whippets on the couch at all, whilst I personally allow Bonnie on the couch every now and then for a treat.

I do own a great sofa topper that is waterproof and helps protect my sofa from any unwanted accidents. Not only that, but it helps keep Bonnie comfortable whilst she’s on the couch.

If you do decide to allow your dog on the couch, I would highly recommend investing in a good quality sofa topper, it will prove invaluable, especially if you have a nice sofa that you wish to protect.

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