21 Reasons Why Whippets Are Simply The Best Dogs

If you own a whippet then you know that whippets are simply the best dogs out there.

They have a loving temperament and are super chill, whilst still loving to play and socialize with other dogs.

In this post, we look at 21 reasons why whippets are simply the best dogs.

So let’s get to it…

#1 Lightning-Fast

Whippets are the second-fastest dogs on the planet, just behind greyhounds.

They have the ability to run at speeds of up to 35mph, which is much faster than dogs, their same size.

If you’ve ever seen a whippet run at top speed, then you’ll know the feeling of having your breath took away.

#2 Whippets are social dogs

If you own other dogs then you’ll love a whippet, they are incredibly social dogs that love to spend time with other dogs and make friends.

Taking your whippet to the local dog park is a great way for them to socialize, they appreciate it a lot and you could make some friends too!

#3 Whippets have good manners

You never need to worry about your whippet being rude, aggressive or bad-mannered, as they have great manners when introduced to people and other dogs.

Whippets love to be introduced to new dogs, and they have excellent manners when doing so, making them a great friend for other pets.

#4 They love to play

There’s nothing more than a whippet loves than to play, they love to play with other dogs at the dog park and run around chasing a Frisbee.

Whippets are playful dogs especially in their younger years, they are great for playing with kids and provide fun for all of the family.

#5 Whippets love to relax

Just as much as whippets love to play, they also love to relax too.

Image: Mitchell Orr

Whippets love to relax on the couch with their owner, they are content doing relaxing and chilling and don’t need as much exercise as you may first think.

In my eyes, this is what makes whippets one of the best dogs as they can chill, and play.

#6 Good exercise for you and other dogs

If you’ve got another dog that’s packing on the pounds, then a whippet is a great way to help get them in shape.

Not only that, but they can also be used to help you lose weight too, as they are very hard to tire out even after playing and running for hours.

#7 Whippets are Intelligent

Whippets are a very intelligent breed; they are part of the sighthound family and are bred to hunt without commands from the hunter.

These independent dogs are capable of hunting all on their own, as they use their eyesight, brainpower and speed to catch small prey.

#8 Whippets are low maintenance

Whippet are also very low maintenance, they can have trouble with their ears so be sure to check them every couple of months for infection.

They will also appreciate their nails clipping and a bath every once in a while, I take my whippet to the groomers once every four months to keep her squeaky clean.

#9 Whippets have a short, smooth coat

Having short smooth fur has its benefits; it’s easy to keep clean and is perfect for those that don’t want dog fur all over their home.

A whippet’s short fur is also good for those with allergies, as they’ll often find that whippets fur doesn’t trigger their allergies as it doesn’t moult much at all.

#10 They stay low body fat and in shape

Whippets love to exercise, which means they are excellent at staying low body fat and in superb shape.

People often think whippets look malnourished, but in fat they are designed to be slender.

That being said whippets can become overweight if not exercised regularly, however this is very rare and usually only occurs when whippets get older.

#11 They don’t bark much

I can count on one hand the number of times that I have heard my whippet of 11 years bark.

They are quiet, calm dogs that will only bark if threatened or feeling anxious.

This makes whippets ideal for those living in apartments, as you’ll have no noise complaints from your dog.

#12 They aren’t good guard dogs

If you’re looking for a guard dog then a whippet won’t be right for you.

You’ve got more chance of a whippet licking an intruder to death than making an attack.

As mentioned whippets don’t bark much either, so it’s not wise to rely on a whippet to guard your home if left unattended.

That being said, this is to be judged on an individual basis, as some whippets can be known to be feisty.

#13 Whippets are super affectionate

Whippets are incredibly affectionate dogs that love to be kissed and cuddled.

If you’re someone that loves to spend a lot of time with your dog then a whippet could be the one for you.

They love cuddling up on the couch just as much as they love running around an open field, making them great for those that want to show their dog love and affection.

#14 Whippets are photogenic

Whippets are incredibly photogenic; they look awesome in person and on an Instagram photo.

If you love to take photos of your dog then a whippet could be right for you.

If you simply do a search on Instagram or Pinterest for a whippet then you’ll see just how photogenic these dogs are.

#15 Whippets can live in apartments

Whippets are small, nimble dogs that are excellent for those that live in apartments.

They rarely bark, meaning you won’t have noise complaints from your neighbours and they don’t need as much exercise as you may think.

As long as whippets get the chance to run for around 40 – 60 minutes per day, they are happy as Larry.

#16 Whippets are great family dogs

If you have a large family or have other dogs, whippets could be a great dog for you.

They love other dogs and are actually used to get other dogs in shape, as they run rings around them.

Not only that, but whippets love kids, they are incredibly gentle and affectionate, and they’re small enough so that they can’t cause any harm to small children.

#17 Whippets are great working dogs

Whippets were bred to hunt, and they are excellent at doing so.

Many hunters use whippets as working dogs to hunt and catch small game such as rabbits or rats.

Whippets are small, lightning-fast dogs that can easily chase down a rabbit, making them excellent for farmers who are looking for a companion that doubles as a working dog.

#18 Whippets are independent

Whippets are a type of sighthound, which means they use their sight and speed to hunt down prey.

Unlike other working dogs, which require commands from the hunter, a whippet does not.

This makes them incredibly independent, they are able to go out and hunt all on their own if needed, although they would much prefer to be back in a cosy bed with their owner.

#19 They are relatively easy to train

Once whippets start to mature at the age of 1 to 2 years, they start to calm down and become a lot easier to train than a whippet puppy.

They aren’t large enough to pull on a leader, and with a couple of well-placed treats, you’ll find that your whippet obeys your commands.

21 reasons why whippets are simply the best dogs
Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

They are a lot easier to train than some larger dogs, as they don’t have that boisterous nature that makes some dogs pull on a leader and hard to recall train.

#20 Whippets are emotionally sensitive

Whippets are emotionally sensitive dogs; if you’re having a bad day then they’ll be having a bad day too.

They are very good at sensing how their owner is feeling, which makes them great for making you feel better when you’re a little down.

#21 Whippets are soft and love to cuddle

Whippets have a soft, smooth coat that is very easy to maintain and clean.

They don’t shed much fur at all over in the summer months, making them a great option for those with allergies.

Not only that but they love to snuggle in when on the couch, so you won’t have dog fur all over your sofa and won’t find yourself constantly cleaning your home.

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